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HD300 stuck midway during flash memory update


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I tried updating my HD300 with the 2.01 flash memory update using Line 6 Monkey.


However, an error pops up midway through the update which reads : Code 80009000 Unknown MIDI error.


And the main issue is that the display on my HD300 is still stuck on "Downloading..." !!! Now I'm afraid that if I unplug the USB cable, it might render my HD300 unuseable !


Should I try turning off the power on the POD ??

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Was it working perfectly before you did the update?

Were you able to have the EDIT software interact with your HD prior to the update?

You might have to open a support ticket if no change and remains hung mid download.

But if we are talking more than a day then probably best to do a Factory reset on the device.

Then ensure your USB and internet connection are working by using the EDIT software for the 

reset version. Also make sure you are using a main USB slot on your PC and not a USB hub.

You might have to suspend your compters antivirus just while the download happens.

Good luck

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