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Pod Hd Pro + Fbv Longboard

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hi guys i need help in 2 things i cannot understand ...

1. i tried to find fbv longboard manuals and its impossible !

2. i was seeking for manuals beacuse i need to know how to assign a couple of effects to a one switch

or independently ... so i dont need to do 3 patches (a) for rythms (b) for leads and © leads with wah !

just want to have one patch with de effects in different switches or a group of them assign maybe in a swtich or two


thank you very much for your help guys


pd 1:(and sorry bout my english hahaha)


pd 2: i dont always get into here but if you can help me with manuals or tutorial videos you can find me at my email or fb





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The FBV is just a controller. The footswitch assignment is done on the device (in your case, the HD Pro). The manual describe how to assign multiple FX to a single FS in a preset.



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