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Really liking my JTV-69S

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The more I use this instrument, them more I like it. I did a good setup and got the action just where I like it. James Tyler has designed a nice playable and reasonable looking instrument. The bridge is well designed and functions very well. The nut on mine is cut too wide on the high E and its causing some problems. I'll probably have to replace that nut eventually. But that's not unusual on any production guitar.


The models are kind of growing on me. At first I thought they lacked the richness of the real instruments. But now I'm thinking they're just different, like any instrument would be different. And differences are great. Who want's everything to sound the same?!


Anyway, my JVT-69S has become my main gigging instrument, my very nice Strat Deluxe sits on the stand unused, and I don't take my 50 year old Les Paul to gigs anymore.

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