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Using with Marshall Code or Mini Jubilee Head (2525h)


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Hi guys,


Currently going FrFr, but really miss getting a great Silver Jubilee tone - so I'm potentially looking at picking up either a Marshall CODE or a Mini Jubilee head. What I'd be aiming to do is to get the Jubilee tone and roar, and ideally use the amp cabs etc. from the Helix.


Does anyone know if there's a decent way to get the Jubilee tone from the 2525h and use the Helix cabs at the same time? Or is it just going to be basically a glorified FX unit?


Same question for the CODE - I know it's a modeller itself, and it uses MIDI, but looks like it's USB based MIDI which I'm assuming the Helix cannot do.


Thanks all!

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You may set up your Helix (and presets) in such way that it either outputs through e.g. the jack output into your 2525 head without Helix amp/cab models and through the XLR into your FRFR with Helix amp/cab models. You may be able to combine it all in one preset.


Alternatively, you may consider purchasing this from Glenn Delaune. Not sure how close they are compared to a real 2525, because I haven't used one myself.


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