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  1. Kind of - sold the Helix and moved to AX8....!
  2. This is the reason I cannot use OD pedals in the external loops - the noise is horrific (even when using low levels on the pedals), and I couldn't do anything to fix it. And yes, it was set to instrument level.
  3. OK, so let me try and understand this - my setup is using 2 TS210 FrFr speakers, and the patch simulates a wet-dry-wet setup by outputting to the 'center' XLR on path 1a directly after the IR block. It also splits, and half the signal is sent to path 2. Path 2a has a split in it as well, and I basically put the wet FX in this signal path (with the block before the split having 100% mix and always on), and I output hard left and hard right via the split block. So does this mean my center dry signal is 6dB louder than the wet signal?
  4. I don't normally, but I have done at a couple of gigs. Use the AUX IN for the bass.
  5. How the hell did you manage to get the mic stand mount in there?? I've been looking for something similar for weeks, but can't find anything! Looks very, very neat - great job!
  6. Thanks! I've got something close(ish) just using one amp model - https://imgur.com/gallery/zRLhu That's using the eq before the amp to simulate the Furman PQ3 he uses, with similar(ish) settings.
  7. Playing around with it, and I'm running our of DSP.... it's not possible to have a dual-amp path 1, with a split to a dry output, and path 2a being wet with dual cabs.... Hmm, need to play around some more....
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to replicate this rig: http://images.equipboard.com/uploads/source/image/9606/whitesnake_doug_aldrich_guitar_rig_2009.jpg?v=1424625771 One thing I thought about, is that in the Helix we typically have the amp block followed by a cab / IR block... but I'm wondering about having the cab or IR block as the last block in the signal path, kind of similar to how the rig in the link would work (looks like all FX are front of amp as well I think). Anyone tried it with cab at the end of the path? To me it would seem more like a natural thing, as the signal would hit the amp, then the 'FX loop' area in the helix between the amp and cab. ...or am I over-thinking this? :)
  9. Hi all, Quick question - I know the 2466 isn't in the Helix (yet...!), but I wondered if any of the higher-gain based amps are models of amps that are close (or based on) this particular Marshall...? I know they won't be exact, but just curious. Same thing for the Suhr 100 and Friedman stuff....!
  10. Hi all, Been playing around with my g70, and decided to check out the cable simulation. What does everyone normally set it to? I've found with it off, it seems to sound better through my Helix.... Also, how can I test it to check if the input gain setting matches the gain from a cable connection...?
  11. I've owned the G70 for about 2 years now I think - and the ONLY time I have ever had a drop-out in a gig is when I go for a walk outside the bar while playing a solo, and the walls are so thick they block the signal. I have played over 100 gigs with it - hopefully that gives you some idea that it DOES work, and it works very very well. I used to own a G30, and the G70 is MILES ahead of it - and it's very handy I can take an output from it into my talkbox directly as well. (PS. I'm also using it with a Helix, and it works flawlessly)
  12. All just on-stage sound with the speakers behind me.
  13. Hi all, Looking for some advise on the setup I could run... I have the Helix and 2 FrFr speakers. Currently, I run a pseudo-W/D/W setup as follows: - Path 1a has all the pre-amp effects - After the cab/IR block, the chain splits: + 1a has 50% of the signal going to center XLR as the dry signal + 1b has 50% of the signal going to path 2 - Path 2 has all the wet FX set to 100% mix (all stereo) - Output to the XLR outs to provide a wet FX stereo effect Would you say this would be a better approach as opposed to a 'standard' stereo setup with no dry output? What would be the main benefits of each? Just curious to get people's thoughts and opinions on it all :)
  14. I found that when using any OD pedal in the FX loops, there was a LOT of extra noise in the signal...
  15. I was about to add this as a new topic myself :) I tried them yesterday, and they do sound better to my ears - not sure how exactly, but a lot 'fuller'. I'm also using MixIR2 to mix 1a and 2b of all the cabs I've purchased form them, as to me it gives the best tone. Highly recommend it!
  16. FarleyUK

    2204 Mod Live

    Bloody hell mate - the 2204 mod, 2 gain pedals AND a mic preamp gain stage??? Would have thought that would be waaaaay too heavy for that kind of scenario.
  17. No idea, but `i do know that using MixIR2 is much much easier and faster. Used the generated IRs at my gig on Saturday, and sounded great!
  18. Actually, going through the manual it says for cabinet IRS you should have 1 per block, and that other blocks are set to parallel, and the volume for each is 100. Tried it with an output length of 2048, and works well - combined a lot of the 3Sigma stuff and it sounds great! 1a with 2b, 3b, 4b and 5b from each pack sounds very nice indeed.
  19. Cheers - from what I saw in the manual, it sounds like if you have multiple IRs in one block, and the total of the % adds up to 100% (so two at 50% is an even mix of both), that should be fine. I've tried both ways, and I think having 2 IRs in 1 block sounds a bit 'clearer' in some way.
  20. Cheers all - got hold of MixIR2, and it does the business! Quick question on it though - is it better to have two IRs in one block at 50% mix each - or one IR in two blocks?
  21. Yeah, I'd seen that - is it literally a case of loading the two IRs, setting it to parallel routing, and then exporting? Or do you need to insert a test tone file (i.e. from Voxengo Deconvolver) as well?
  22. Hi all, I want to merge two IRs I have into a single IR, so that I don't need a parallel path in the Helix for two IR blocks - can someone please point me in the direction of how to do this? I've not had much luck in finding details online...! (FYI - the reason i want to do this is to merge two 3Sigma IRs into one, as I am running a W/d/W setup, so the helix sends the dry out from path a direct to XLR, and path 1b goes to path 2 for the wet signal. I cannot do this if there is a split elsewhere in path 1).
  23. I think the main question should be - why are you tuning up more than once in a 45 minute set? ;)
  24. The replacement unit arrived today, all the way from California to the UK :) Updated the system, and copied all my patches to it. Also installed it in the new flightcase I purchased, which should hopefully stop any future issues (if it was due to that!). Have yet to plug it in and try it - that'll be later - but a huge thanks to Frank and the support team from me.
  25. This might be of interest....: https://www.sweetwater.com/feature/dunlop/wah-pedals/
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