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  1. No - I would argue that this unit is not exactly cheap, and should therefore be able to withstand normal usage. You should not have to use an alternative method due to parts being more prone to failure.
  2. Yep - but mine doesn't press down either, so cannot select any blocks etc.....!
  3. About 4 months now I think.
  4. Hi all, I'm really keen to try and emulate this beauty of a pedal in the Helix - http://www.majikboxusa.com/pedals.html It's got two seperate circuits, a boost and an overdrive. I'm guessing that by using a combination of a gain block and an overdrive (probably Minotaur?) before the S/R block (am using 4CM) it should in a way emulate what's happening with the pedal...? If anyone has any other insight I'm all ears :)
  5. Yeah, I tried getting a replacement from Andertons, but I'm outside the 30 day exchange period :( Really sucks - just hope the repaired unit lasts longer.....
  6. Yeah, that was what I was thinking.... just curious if there was a way to do it without a PC (i.e., worst case if something goes wrong during the gig!)
  7. Hi guys, My rotary knob has finally given up the ghost; the rotary function stopped working a couple of months ago (had lots of gigs so not been able to send it back for repair), but I could get around it. Now, however, the select function (i.e. pressing down on it) has stopped working - meaning I cannot add or edit any blocks! I have a gig on the 22nd so will be returning the unit after that - but doesn anyone know of a way to edit or add blocks without using the rotary knob so I can at least get around it for now?
  8. OK, compared using a gain block before the S/R block to using a TC Spark Booster - and there's pretty much no difference :) Cheers!
  9. Cheers! Will give it a try over the weekend :)
  10. Hi all, Just curious - is there a way to emulate the TV Spark Booster (the larger version, not the mini) on the Helix? I'd want to use it before my S/R block, as I'm running 4CM. Would the volume / gain block have the same effect...?
  11. Yeah, I agree with Phil. These things are certainly not cheap, so I would expect all components to be very robust - not break after minimal usage 3 months into ownership. I've been told there's a 4 to 6 week turnaround - I really can't do without it for that long due to studio work etc., so will have a word with Andertons and see if I can do anything :(
  12. Nice one, cheers! Got some new Mogami cables coming today so I'll give it a go.
  13. Hi all, Anyone else have any issues with the rotary dial? I've noticed that it's stopped working - I can no longer use it to dial / twist through the settings, presets etc. The standard movement works fine still, just the dial action seems to no longer have any effect!
  14. Er, think I might have found the issue... I really don't know how it happened, but the 'normal' patches that I was using had a split in them for the pre-amp send etc. Turns out the weird sound was the 'dry' sound from one of the splits coming back to the mixer. If I changed the channel A volume right down, it went away. So, I've now re-built everything (again!) using the methods shown in the manual, and seems to be working much better!
  15. Question - for the EBTech Hum Eliminator, is it the FX Loop send / return that needs to be connected to it? Or the Send and the amp input (from the Helix)?
  16. Yeah, seems to be if I go back to a patch I haven't used for a while, it happens. Not all the time, but today I've had to re-do my main patch due to it - like I said, all I did last night was try using an amp and cab model to go through my studio monitors. When I today then plugged the Helix back into my amp via 4cm, it had this weird effect. However, if I re-create the same patch from scratch, it's ok..... Using a Les Paul with Bare Knuckle Crawlers, into a Relay G70, then into the Helix.
  17. Hi guys, This has happened a few times now - hoping you can help! I've been using various patches for a couple of months now - however, sometimes when I go back to a previous patch, the amp sounds as though it's clipping and 'quacking' on the low frequency notes. I've had to then copy a patch it doesn't happen on, and it's fine. Using S/R block with send at -5dB. Don't use the main volume knob. Really confused - it's affected all my patches today after using an emulated amp and cab for practice last night into a pair of monitors. Anyone encountered this or know how to eliminate it?? Thanks.
  18. I might be missing something here, but the way I have it set is to have one of the EQ blocks at the end of my chain, and assign it to a footswitch; then when I'm playing at home, have it engaged, and then when live, just disengage it. Of course, I have yet to try this live, but should be fine!
  19. Just an FYI - I use a Banshee as well, and a G70. Just stick the Banshee in one of the FX loops and have it as a block in the signal path, and use the jack output from the G10. Much easier!
  20. Something I've been thinking about for a while.... has anyone been able to dial in a tone very close to the tone on the Use Your Illusion albums from GnR? I understood that Slash used something like a Silver Jubilee and a Plexi blended together - but who knows! Would be keen to see if anyone has attempted to get this tone, and your success!
  21. Yep, got the S/R set to instrument, so it isn't that. Seemed to be much better on the Saturday gig, although no idea why.... I was closer to the amp and cab as well. No compressor in use.
  22. FarleyUK

    Amp feedback...

    Hi guys, Played a gig last night and it appeared that I was getting a load of feedback from the amp that I never normally got. I'm not using a distortion block, running 4CM, and have the SR block set at 100% mix and 0db. It seems ok without the Helix - is there anything that could be adding to the feedback from within the Helix?
  23. Just an update - I *think* I managed to get it working last night by using the Bank / Program change MIDI command in Command Center! I have no idea how I managed to select the correct combo of things in the amp, but it seems to work.... fingers crossed. Thanks for your help :)
  24. Cheers DI - so am I right in thinking I could use a footswitch in stomp mode to transmit a PC message via Command Center? Does it work by setting the amp for each 'footswitch', then adjusting the instant Program/Bank details in Command Center?
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