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  1. You, sir, are a legend. THank you very much for the prompt reply. Now just have to wait to hopefully pick one up on the 25th.....!
  2. Hi all, I have to say, I'll be replacing my G System with the Helix, and I am STUPIDLY excited about it :) I've been looking through some threads, but just have some questions that I couldn't see answered anywhere (so apologies if I missed them!). These all relate to the floor version: 1. Can the Helix be mounted to a board within a flight case? I.e. does it have screw holes for bolts in it's 'feet'? 2. Is there an expression pedal built in? I can see what looks like one on the right side of the board, but it's not clear 3. Will you still need to balance input and output gain when using the 4 cable method? It will be used purely for the FX, and not any modelling (going into an AFD100 and / or JVM410HJS) Thanks all!
  3. Hi all, Quick question - is there a way to send the raw, unprocessed signal via USB to the PC? Reason I ask is my DAW has built in guitar amp modelling on the PC, and I'd rather use that while recording. Thanks!
  4. Took delivery of the amp yesterday - bloody love it! Very very cool, easy to use... and it works with the PC straight away, unlike the other interface I used!
  5. OK, thanks - but can you lookup tones for songs via the app directly, so you don't 'need' to have any songs playing to find the user-created tones?
  6. Nah, the Amplifi ticks the boxes for me I think. I need something that has a speaker, can connect to PC if required etc. Also, one other question - can you only play iTunes music through the app for the tone macthing thing? I have all my music streamed on Spotify, you see.... can you lookup the tones you want directly, and then apply them? Or can it only be done via the music streamed through the app?
  7. Hi all, I had a question I'd appreciate any Amplifi owners answering for me before I lay some cash down....! 1. Is it posisble to play another source while using the amp? For example, I'd be playing the guitar through it, but would also want things like backing tracks etc. Is the only way to do this by pairing the BT on device 1 to the amp, use the Amplifi App to set the sounds and cabs, and then use device 2 with a cable into the aux in...? 2. When connecting to a PC, can you get the guitar sound AND the PC sound out from the amp together? So, for example, using a DAW on the PC (i.e. GuitarRig) and also Spotify.... will that work? Cheers all!
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to get some answers on an issue I have, and so far nobody seems to be able to give me a clear answer...! I want to be able to play the guitar through my PC via an interface and into Amplitube or Guitar Rig, but ALSO to have other program sounds play at the same time (i.e. Spotify). I have tried a couple of interfaces in the past but they didn't play the other software sounds, just the guitar. Are there any Line6 products that will allow me to do this....? Thanks all!
  9. Hi all, Had my G50 about a year and a half now, and no issues until today.... The receiver lived on my pedalboard, powered via the current doubler cable on outputs 5 and 6 of a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus. However, I moved a few things around, and ran out of outputs on the power brick, so wanted to use the adapter for the G50. When I plug it in, no lights come on. I've tried it with a couple of others, and no power. I then re-tried it via my old method (ie. current doubler cable), and it powers up but there's a VERY loud hum and buzz coming from it. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone experienced this before?
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