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  1. OK, I'm gonna ask something really stupid. Brace yourselves. What exactly is this, and why would someone who owns the Helix floor / rack want this? I gather it's in essence a software program that is 'Helix in a box / Helix as a service' - but can't we do this already with the editor on your computer...? I realise I'm probably missing the point, so feel free to enlighten me! My scenario is I practice at home with the Helix and FrFr, and then use it on stage with the same configuration.
  2. OK, I replaced the pedal with another one - and getting the same thing. Have changed the loop it's connected to, and running the pedal on battery power. Also changed all cables. I've noticed the noise drops a bit if I connect the SEND from the FX Loop to the input of the ebTech Hum Eliminator, but it's still really noisy. Also checked that the loop is set to instrument and not line.
  3. Just purchased the V30 4x12 and G12H 4x12 packs for the total price of about £12 :) Looking forward to trying these out!
  4. OK, tested with the amp and sounds less noisy using the battery, so ordered a OneSPot.
  5. That's interesting - just opened it up, and it had shipped with a battery - tried it without the power supply and it's better, although still pretty noisy. Have tested it on a plexi model, with the amp gain around 6 and still had to have a noise gate after the amp block! Pretty unusable with a JCM800 model - just a mass of hissing and noise, even with low amp gain. Not had a chance to test with my main amp yet - will do and will report back.
  6. Right guys, got a big issue going on here - just got a Majik Box Rocket Fuel OD/Boost pedal, and when I put it in any of the Helix loops, it's very, very noisy. As in, unplayably noisy - loads of buzzing, humming, clicking etc. Had the same issue with a similar pedal, which I returned. Just tried it direct in front of the Helix, and while it was better, it's still very noisy. I'm using a 9v center negative power supply as the manufacturer suggests, but I'm stumped on what's causing this. Really doesn't seem to play nice with the Helix - does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Yeah, I have the K10 as well, and have used both the phono out and the XLR out to connect to it. Works perfectly. Take a look at the Helix connections - which one are you using to connect to the K10?
  8. Hi all, Played a gig on Saturday night, and for the first time in 18 months of owning the G70, I got a lot of radio interference! Never had it before - sounded like it was picking up taxi radios or something (very SPinal Tap-esque). Is there a way to stop this? I tried multiple channels, but had no joy; whichever channel I selected, there would be some interference.
  9. FarleyUK

    Helix V Marshall

    I'd love to see the patch and setup you have please - I'm also coming from a JVM, and don't feel that the Helix is giving me the same tones etc. Using a single K10 instead of a K8 and K12, but would really like to see a copy of the patch you've done if that's possible...?
  10. Tried it briefly last night - the 2204 amps sound fine, but I notice the Plexi models are really 'flubby', even with bass rolled right off (and low cut up as high as 160). I take it that's just a facet of that model?
  11. Cheers guys - got the new unit just now (on firmware 1.6 - updated to 2.01) so hopefully get the chance to try it out a bit tonight!
  12. Bit of a strange topic I know, but I'm getting my replacement unit today, and I'd like to know that there's no fault with it (seeing as my old unit had a couple of them). Can anyone point me to a good 'real world' demo of how the Helix should sound when going FrFr please? Ideally nothing that's been post-produced, and is just a simple patch. Looking at a lot of YouTube vids, they're all DI'd or post-produced, which doesn't really give me the 'true' sound. Thanks!
  13. I'm wondering if my Helix has not been quite right ever since I had it, as it's only in teh last 2 weeks I've been going FrFr; from listening to everyone's clips and videos online, I couldn't get a sound like that out of it (sure, i got a sound I thought was OK at my gig last week, but it feels like maybe there's a lot more I'm missing out on). Will be interesting to see how the replacement one holds up. Needless to say, if it's not on 2.10, I won't be upgrading it!
  14. Quick update - Andertons have agreed to swap the unit out for me, due to it being my second issue on the unit and the fact I have a load of Xmas and New Year gigs coming up from this weekend, so need it to be fully working!
  15. I always run the guitar at 10 - like I said, it sounded good at the gig so I don't think it would be to do with this.
  16. I wondered that, so I built a new patch (just amp and cab), and it still happened :(
  17. That's going to be my next check, ta :)
  18. Oh balls. It's only been back a month since the last repair!
  19. Nope, passive ones (Suhr Aldrich set).
  20. OK, just tried it - it's not as pronounced due to less gain, but it's still there.
  21. Tried that - still getting that weird noise on the low notes, like it's flubby and no definition. Tried Glenn's artist patches without changing anything - same thing :(
  22. Hi mate, No global eq, 1/4" out is set to line for the K10.
  23. Oh Gods of Helix, please shine thy wisdom upon me! So, after a good first FrFr gig, I've today give and started to practice using the same patch.... And it sounds awful. Really nasty and bloated. Tried using a cable instead of wireless, tried a different guitar, unplugged everything from the Helix besides in and out. Still sounds awful. Started from scratch again, and still poor. Here's a video - http://sendvid.com/joiaabdm I've already got the cab low cut quite high, the amp is default settings, and even have the low pass filter on the K10 engaged Anyone have any ideas? Really frustrating!
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