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  1. Not so much of a particular amp, but it'd be VERY cool if there were more options (probably via the editor) to 'mod' the amps. I know we can adjust the bias etc., but if there was a way to tinker more with them (so, for example, you could apply a Cameron / Jose mod to the JCM800 etc.), that would be immense.
  2. Sony MDR-7506. Boom ting.
  3. Thanks guys - the sound is only when notes are played, so I don't think unplugging things would help check it. This morning, I quickly set it up to check, and if I set the speaker to use an external sub it seems better. Hopefully it's just that....
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to set everything up ready for my first FRFR direct gig tomorrow night, and keep coming across this weird 'buzzing distortion'. It seems to be most obvious on low notes. It happens even going input -> Amp (Brit 2204) -> IR (OwnHammer G12 SM57). Gain on the amp is set to about 5, EQ is around the middle for all. Have tried adding the cuts on the IR (low of 230Hz has a slight effect, but it's still there). Speaker is a QSC K10. Guitar is a Les Paul with Aldrich Suhr pups. The guitar pad setting helps it, but I much prefer the tone when it's off! Please can anyone help?
  5. And there was me thinking there was something else wrong with my Helix unit.....! Had this issue last night, so glad to see it's not just me.
  6. Hi guys, Been playing around with some OwnHammer Marshall IRs, and have a few questions... 1. I notice in the manual, it suggests that to get the IR behaving more like a guitar amp / cab, to cut the 400Hz at -3db; has anyone done this? I have a low cut of 230Hz and a high cut of 6.8MHz on the IR block anyway, so just wondered what difference it makes (and what benefit it brings) 2. Which mics would people suggest for the 'true' live guitar sound? Very subjective I know, but I'm torn between the SM75 and R121. Interested to know which ones people use! 3. Using a single 2048 cab or two 1024 cabs in parallel.... is one 'better' than the other? I know they're subjective questions and answers, but keen to learn more from you guys on these. Thanks!
  7. Thanks all! Spent some more time with it today, and dialed in a nice sounding tone - downloaded the OwnHammer IR pack and have been using the G25 cab sim IRs, and it's sounding a lot nicer to my ears; in fact, after practising, the Mrs said to me "That sounded really good", so it must be half-decent..... Now another question around volume for the patches.... I know that DI mentioned to me previously to set EVERY amp channel (not master) to 10, and these patches also have a volume pedal in them; I've set the volume to be assigned to a footswitch so I can 'lock in' the volume live, and not be worried about altering it accidentally (plus, I want to use the EXP TOE and expression pedal for wah only). However, what are the other methods for balancing the patch volumes, and increasing the volume for leads? I'd assume the easiest way is to use a EQ or Gain block, and set that to +3db?
  8. Hi all, Finally sat down with my new QSC K10 and the Helix, and I'm having a hard time getting a good sound - just wanted to check I'd set it up correctly! Got the Helix going from 1/4" out to the in on the speaker, Helix is set to line level out. Volume dial on k10 is at 9 o'clock, Helix is about the same. Am I right in saying that to dial out the unwanted freqs you should alter the cab and ir cuts? Am cutting low at 100 and high at 6.0. Also, using Glenn's artist pack 2. Isbthere anything else to be aware of? Just sounds very shrill to my ears, and not smooth no matter how I set it.
  9. As a new user of FrFr, I've already purchased Glen's patches - as I have never used the Helix's amp or cab models, and to be honest, I don't have a lot fo time to put into setting them up from scratch. From going by the reviews and vids, they sound awesome, so I happily purchased them. As well as that, I think it's interesting to see how people have set their routing / paths up as well (kind of like a paid-for educational experience...!). So yeah, I'm happy with paying for top-quality patches; on the caveat they ARE, actually, 'top-quality'. What I DO object to, however, is people charging for access to things like 'special member areas' on Facebook or other forums with regards to the Helix. I personally think that that practice is what detracts from the sense of community, as it's actually actively withholding potential information and help from people unless you pay. With p[atches and presets, you have everything you might need from the get-go, but any 'member area' type payment plans are a different beast entirely.
  10. FarleyUK

    QSC K10?

    Cheers! Just so I'm sure, would you suggest setting the gain dial on the K10 to about half-way and just use the Helix volume dial to get the required output level?
  11. FarleyUK

    QSC K10?

    Cheers guys - good timing, as it sounds like my valve amp blew up last night.... :( Another question - how do you guys use the FrFr speakers when replacing an amp? As in, how do you postion it? It'll be behind me, but should it be on a speaker pole, on the floor etc.?
  12. FarleyUK

    QSC K10?

    Thanks! So would the 10" version be OK, would you say?
  13. FarleyUK

    QSC K10?

    Hi all, Thinking of getting one of these for the Helix to save lugging my valve amp to smaller gigs... are they good with the Helix? I see a few people have them, but I'd be very interested in your thoughts on if it's worth it (especially as it's considerably cheaper than a L2M). Thanks!
  14. Anyone any further ideas...? How can I test for clipping?
  15. The second loop levels are all untouched - just so I'm sure, what's the best way to check for clipping on the amp input...? Keep it in 4CM, put the amp on a clean channel and play to see if there's any distortion etc.?
  16. Yep, it already is :) So am I right in saying that the pedal shouldn't be 'clipping' the return of the loop? Or is it likely doing something to the D/A conversion?
  17. The patch contains only 2 blocks, both S/R ones; the first is the FX loop with the OD pedal in it, and the second is the S/R for the amp in 4CM.
  18. Hi all, Got my repaired Helix back after about a week (huzzah!), and have connected my new Rocket Fuel OD pedal to FX Loop 4. However, I'm getting a lot of what sounds like noise and clipping coming from my amp in 4CM when doing this; it's fine if I disengage the S/R block the OD pedal is in, and also if I use the OD pedal direct into the amp without the Helix. It's been suggested that the OD pedal might be too 'hot' for the return of the loop on the Helix - is that right? I find it pretty weird if so - all loops are set to instrument level, as that's what the pedal is outputting. I don't see why it would be overloading the return level....?
  19. Ordered them - but even though they (obviously) don't sound great through my 4CM setup, I've been able to use the layout to educate myself about a few things; including copying the Compressor block to my existing patches :) Cheers Glenn! Looking forward to trying them out 'properly' somehow soon....!
  20. Just purchased Glenn's boutique collection.... only question I have is that I am running my Helix in 4CM. Can I use the IRs in this way...?
  21. But what about the rest of us playing live with it? Should we really be afraid to touch the unit for fear of breaking it? Of course not - we expect the unit to withstand reasonable punishment and everyday use.
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