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uploaded custom tones for Crate GX-130 stereo chorus amps

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Hi Everyone,


We just uploaded 4 tone patches to CUSTOMTONE (tab is available at top) to simulate the typical sounds that we get from a legacy Crate GX series stereo chorus 2 x 12" Combo Amp and a Crate GX-130C 130 Watt head with Crate 4 x 12 cab. These tones are based on Line 6's Metal Red amp sound (Mesa/Googie Dual Rectifier).


The tones are:

1.) Crate GX clean

2.) Crate GX crunc  (crunch)

3.) Crate GX drive

4.) Crate GX metal


The Analog Stereo Chorus effect (FX2 control) is ON by default and tweaked for each specific tone. If you toggle it OFF in essence you get another 4 unique tones. With the chorus OFF, the sound will get "harder" as the mid frequencies drop off a bit. Similar to the actual Crate amp. In all cases the Boost/EQ (FX1 control) and Reverb should be left ON to get the unique Crate sound.  Analog Delay (FX3 control) was added to simulate a bit of speaker cab resonance. 


We tested the patches using a guitar with active EMG humbuckers (as opposed to passive EMG's) and in all cases the "drive level" and "natural compression" increased. Passive EMG's were used to create the tones.


The Crate combo amp and GX-130 head are from the early 90's and where made by St. Louis Music (which also made Ampeg products),



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Hi Everyone,


I noticed 10 downloads of my Crate GX Metal patch for the Spider IV. Think metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and many unnamed garage bands. LOL


For those who might not have the FBV shortboard Mk II (that allows you to connect your Spider IV to the USB port on your computer/laptop and save/load patches using Spider IV Edit) here is the Crate GX Metal setup that you can enter manually. I think this will also work on the Spider III amps and Spider IV amps that don't have the Spider IV Edit option.


Crate GX Metal patch:

Amp model: Metal Red

Drive: 60

Bass: 75

Mid: 25

Treble: 85

Volume: 40

Boost (nominally Off) 1.5 dB pre, 3.5 dB post (if turned On)


FX1: Boost+Eq On, Post

Gain: 60%

Mid: 25%

Mid Freq: 50%

Bass: 85%

Treble: 75%


FX2: Analog Chorus, On or Off, Post, Tap don't control

Speed: 1.5 Hz

Depth: 65%

Bass: 50%

Treble: 50%

Mix: 50%


FX3: Analog Delay w/Modulation, On, Post, Tap control on

Time: 394 ms

Feedback: 25%

Mod Speed: 13%

Depth: 50%

Mix: 20%


Reverb: Lux Spring, On, Post

Dwell: 20%

Tone: 10%

Mix: 30%


Noise Gate, On

Threshold: -50 dB

Delay 10%


The Crate GX Drive tone is the same except the Drive is turned down to 35, and the Mid is up to 45.

The Crate GX Crunch tone is the same except the Drive is turned down to 25, and the Mid is up to 65.

The Crate GX Clean tone uses a different Boost+Eq to bring up the treble and reduce the bass, while the Drive is set to 5.


The Metal Red Amp model has a decent clean sound with the Drive set to 5, although not as bright sounding as the original Crate GX-130 or G130CXL amps,



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Hi Everyone,


After a lot of playing, I believe that I have improved on the first set of tones that I created for the legacy Crate GX-130C stereo chorus amplifiers (by St. Louis Music who also made Ampeg products in the '80s and '90s). The tones below that I uploaded today to CUSTOMTONE are significantly better that what I can get out of the legacy Crate stuff.


My setup is a LINE 6 Spider IV 150 Watt head connected to Line 6 4x12 speaker cab. The Crate setup was a legacy GX-130C 130 Watt head and a Crate 4x12 cab. Both Crate and Line 6 cabs are wired for stereo operation with the respective heads.


The tones are:

1.) Crate GX+Clean

2.) Crate GX+Crunc

3.) Crate GX+Drive

4.) Crate GX+Metal


Give them a try. They sound good with either passive or active EMG humbucker pickups. Your sound will vary. You can tweak away easily with the Bass, Mid and Treble controls.


As I mentioned earlier, you actually have eight different tones. Turn OFF the Analog Chorus (FX2 knob or from the FBV shortboard), and the heavily distorted tones (Metal and Drive) particularly become more mid-frequency "scooped". With the Chorus ON the mid-frequencies come up (at least by my ear), and the sound is more harmonically rich (again by my ear).


Anyway load them up and try them,



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