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Connect issue I encountered


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I personally haven't experienced this issue but maybe try the following?

- disconnect any other BT devices connected to the phone

- restart both Firehawk and device - then try again


 I wouldn't be opening the Firehawk - assuming you bought this new. Or try factory resetting it:


"To perform a factory reset on the Line 6 FIREHAWK FX, press and hold the "Master Volume knob" and the "TAP button" as you turn on the unit.

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Did any of the above solutions work? It would be good if you let us know. If not, you need to answer a few questions so we can get to the bottom of this.


What device are you using for the remote app? I Did you get your Firehawk FX new or used? Did the BT button ever work? If it's new, whatever you do, don't open it... you'll void the warranty.


Here's my advice:


1. Turn off the BT on your phone/tablet... better yet turn off your device completely.

2. Do a factory reset on your Firehawk. Hold down the "Master Volume knob" and the "TAP button" as you turn on the unit. Wait for the unit to reset, and then power it off for 30 seconds.

3. Turn your Firehawk back on and wait for it to boot. Then push the BT button and see if it flashes. If not, your unit is defective and needs to be returned for replacement or servicing.

4. If the BT button flashes, turn on the BT in your device and pair with your unit. Then open the Firehawk Remote app and see if it syncs with your unit. If you have trouble syncing, make sure you have the latest app (I think it's v. 1.3.3 build 68); and make sure the os in your device is also up to date.


Let me know if this works.

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