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First Impressions of Native Demo


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I decided to turn off a patch in my HD and go in via s/pdif to Helix running Sonar.

Something wasnt right with the sound so I used HD over USB as interface and still didn'r sound right.

So I went back in via s/pdif. Sounded okay now.

I noticed there were no factory presets listed and couldn't find them so just selected an Amp model and scrolled thru a few

I was begining to think the amp models didn't sound any different to my HD ones but settled on Soldana crunch. I put a 63 spring reverb on it.

I opened up

another block befor Amp cabs and went thru a few, my lord they sounded good. Really lush. tried the Distortion pedals and these sounded great.

Turned off the FXs and tweaked the amp without the reverb and it came to life.

Put the FX back on and man o man just what I was afraid.

This is going to be hard to pass up!

It has a realism to it heaps better than any other Sim I have TH2 and Amplitude 4.

Awesome Line 6!

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I noticed there were no factory presets listed and couldn't find them so...

Hi bjnette,

This may help,

Page 34 Helix Native Pilot's Guide:

Restore Factory Setlists - Clears only Setlists 1, 2 & 8 and replaces them with the Factory Setlists 1, 2 & 8 included with the currently installed version of Helix Native. All of your presets within any other Setlists remain unaffected.

This should bring back the missing items.

You can find the guide here:

Or under the Native settings window. Click on the Helix Native logo at the bottom of the plug-in window and under the General Settings you have the option to restore the factory setlists. Here you can also find a button named " Helix Native Help" where you can access the Pilot's Guide.

Have fun!

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I have replicated as best I could a few of the Native factory patches (mostly cleans) back to my HD 500

and on a few, the HD holds up okay when comparing but mostly Native blows my HD out of the water

with more amp and FX models,DSP, routing possibilities and it will be hard to pass up.

To me it is like demoing the Helix and what it is capable of. Superb! I only got 10 days left!


Imho buy the hardware unit as it will hold it's value far better than software alone plus you get discounts and can

utilize the software into your hardware.


To me Helix with Native puts Helix up there with Kemper in that both are studio to live tools.

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