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Native and Mixcraft Workaround for me


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I run Mixcraft 8 Pro on a PC (Win 10) and have the known issue that when switching presets a few times, Mixcraft crashes.  I found that if I have the first setlist that opens in Native be the one I want to work in, AND if I have Native "off" when changing to a diff preset in that setlist, I can't crash it - I tried!  Once I change to a diff setlist, it crashes after a very small number of times switching presets even with Native not active.  I was skeptical of this, so I've tried it a couple days in a row, and it's consistent for me.  

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Looks like this issue is now fixed with the new Helix Native 1.01 version. Also, Mixcraft adressed some Helix Native automation issues with their latest Mixcraft 8.1 (build 407). If you get both these updated versions all should be good!

Hey - thanks!  I didn't see that 1.01 was out.  I'll check it out.  

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