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Singtall Helix Superpack


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the IR's were made by Fremen many years ago.  He shared them with me and I used one of them to make presets for the Atomic AmpliFire.  Those initial presets became factory presets! His IR's are warm old Marshall sounding.  they work with a lot of stuff.

I loaded up his IR's in slots 1,2,3 and i mostly use 1.

if you load one of my presets and it calls for an IR then chances are it's IR1. but try them all for a slightly different flavor.


notice that i use the IR plus a cabinet or two mixed to get the best tone.


i am working on separate presets for artist and studio.  this first pack was more designed for getting a good studio or live tone.  i included a couple artist presets just for fun. working on a pure artist preset pack now.

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Volume 2 preset pack now available!


This pack contains 19 Artist presets by artists such as Queen, Ozzy, Metallica, Pantera, and ZZ Top just to name a few.  It also contains 3 Custom Modded amp models PRS Archon and Bogner Blue, plus 18 custom IR’s.



Artist Presets:

Arch Enemy Lead.hlx
Arch Enemy.hlx
Boston - Peace.hlx
Dokken - Kiss of.hlx
Dream Theater.hlx
Jake E Lee.hlx
Metallica Black.hlx
Mountain Queen.hlx
Pantera Cowboys.hlx
Queen - Rock You.hlx
Randy Rhoads.hlx
Rush Limelight.hlx
Sonata Artica.hlx
Vai Passion Lead.hlx
Van Halen One.hlx
Zakk Wylde.hlx
ZZTOP Rio Grande.hlx
ZZTOP TresHombre.hlx


Amp Models:

Archon Deep
Archon Warm
Bogner Blue Singtall Mod



Archon Deep.wav
Archon Warm.wav
Boston Peace.wav
Dokken Kiss.wav
Fremen 1, 2, 3
Helix Limelight.wav
Metallica Black.wav
Pantera Cowboys.wav
Shinedown - Madness.wav
Sonata Artica.wav
Van Halen I.wav
Zakk Wylde.wav
ZZTOP Rio Grande.wav
ZZTOP TresHombres.wav

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I had some Helix hiccups and it effected the volume of some of the presets and in some cases effects were added that weren't supposed to be there.  If you bought the preset pack 2 please download the presets again with the same link that i sent you by email.  I also added an instruction pdf file that may be helpful.

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I just went through and lowered the volume of all presets to make sure there is no digital clipping anywhere.  the new presets are in the folder named "lowered volume presets". the ones at higher volume are still in the pack also. you can decide how loud you want the presets to be.

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