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Hi I want to post a thread about a complex topic concerning the Line6 Helix. Which forum is best to use?

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I have a series of in depth questions concerning a live/studio rig I'm designing.


It's going to incorporate one or two live amp heads (Suhr PT100), and one or two Suhr Reactive Load Boxes.


I don't want to have the thread I want to post get moved around for being in the wrong place, and I definitely want it to get the most traffic possible so I can get the right advice.


I haven't bought it yet, but the plan so far is to use a LINE 6 Helix as the "Brain", MIDI controller for both the tube amps since they have MIDI switching capability, and any external FX.


Again, what I want to post will wind up being something of a novel, so I hope I'm not offending as where would be best to post my longer thread of questions.


- Cary Miller

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