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Line 6 Amplifi Recording Live


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I need some help.


I've been trying to find the best way to record the sounds coming from the Line 6 Amplifi 150 amp.  I'm trying to record a live rehearsal session and although I can mic up the amp I was wondering what would be best option.


I'll be using a Focusrite as the audio interface.  I want to capture the effects that the guitarist uses how can I go about doing that?  The headphone jack disables the speaker when it's connected so I cannot use that for a live recording.   At this point mic'ing the Line 6 Amplifi will be the better decision.


I know you can connect the Amplifi to a computer using a USB cable, but that would be a direct recording and I want to keep it as a live recording. Plus I'll be using an audio interface via USB.  


It would be great if Line 6 added some type of direct out stereo jack and allow the amp to continue working through the speaker for recording and live performance.


I need some helpful advice.




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Hi Satsamel, 


I recommend recording via USB. 


If you were to record from any output jack like the headphone jack or a hypothetical dedicated output jack would yield the same results as recording via USB, only difference is that USB offers a higher quality of recording. 


Depending on your recording set up, to capture that 'live' essence I recommend throwing up some room mics, if you don't have enough bleed from drum mics or any other instruments. 

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Hello , I have just purchased the LINE6 AMPLIFI 150 and I have the same problem . My daw uses the driver of my console (PRESONUS STUDIO LIVE 24 series 3) and if I use line6 driver the daw "sees" only 2 inputs and outputs from the AMPLIFI 150. Using a mic is not an option because of the bleed of the drums and other amps and headphone output mutes the amp. I think that an AMP OUT connection is a necessity in every guitar amp and LINE6 should take care of it in every amp model.  

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