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Question about fx100 and Amplifi75 compatibility


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Hello, everyone!


I'm about to purchase the Amplifi 75 as a home training/jamming amp. I'm so used to using pedals to control everything that I also considered purchasing a pedal along with it. There I'm kind of lost.


Is the FX100 compatible? Can I plug it to the amp and control stuff from it or is it standalone? 

I've seen videos about the shortboard mkII, and none about the A75 and fx100 combo, leading me to doubt the interoperability. 


Thank you for your help!


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Hi Natalshadown, 


Both products are the exact same; FX100 is Amplifi in a pedalboard format whereas Amplifi 75/150 is a Combo Amp format. 


If you would like to control your Amplifi remotely opposed to the Amplifi remote App, you can choose from one of our controllers, such as: FBV Express, FBV Shortboard, or FBV3. 


Depending on the type of control you want. FBV Express will give you Presets A-D (you have to manually switch banks) as well as vol/expression control. 


The FBV Shortboard and FBV3 (FBV3 is the latest update to our FBV controllers) will give you the control over Bank selection, presets, and the ability to bypass effects as well as Vol/Expression control. 


If you have any more questions feel free to ask anytime!



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