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X3 Live vs X3 Pro Feature Question


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I am curious as to whether two features that I know exist on the X3 Live also exist on the X3 Pro. I recently picked up a HD Pro X and found that it doesn't appear to have features that I assumed would exist as a result of owning and using these features on an a X3 Live. Can anyone verify that these features exist on a X3 Pro?


The first is the ability to select a dry input in my DAW. Do the following inputs also exist on the X3 Pro?: Main Out (Studio/Direct Mix), Tone 1 Only (Wet), Tone 2 Only (Wet), Tone 1 Inputs Dry, and Tone 2 Inputs Dry. Are there any differences in functionality?


The second is the ability to control the mix of the XLR outputs and TRS outputs independently: Can I mute or pan these four outputs independently?: XLR Left, XLR Right, TRS Left, TRS Right. This is beneficial when processing wet guitar to TRS Left, processing wet vocals to TRS Right, and using the XLR Left and Right as stereo outputs to play computer audio without any guitar or vocals signal mixed, where all four outputs can be routed to an external mixer and controlled independently. Worthy of note is that I have the pedal in the down position which turns the volume to mute on the XLR outs but allows the TRS outputs to continue outputting audio.


Thanks in advance.

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I recently got an X3 Live, so all the below information is from the manuals and my own logic.


First question: Yes! Those are common to all devices of the X3 series.


Second question:

Here's a setup I think should work. Please mind that this setup will cause the guitar signal chain output to NOT have any cab simulation:

1. On the "1/4 inch outputs" page, set the Mode to "Combo front", "Combo pwramp", "Stack front", or " Stack pwramp".

2. Set Lows, Focus, and Highs as desired.

3. Set the Tone 1 to "On", Pan to full left (0%), Tone 2 to "On", Pan to full right (100%).

4. On the "Studio/Direct mix" page, set both Tone 1 and Tone 2 to "Off", Pan won't have any effect.


Hope that answers your question!

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