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I know this would WORK as far as the actual signal getting passed through, but does anyone smarter than me know if it's a dumb idea to convert a mic signal to line level, run it into a return input on LT, apply effects, then output it via XLR? 

I didn't realize the LT doesn't have mic input til yesterday, DERP.  But really want to use it for a vocal effect chain alongside my guitar chain.  Seems like this idea would work, yes?  Or is there something scientific I am not grasping about levels and such?  Thanks!

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There's nothing wrong nor dumb about boosting a mic level signal to line level. This happens most of the time. The important aspect is doing so with gear (Mic Preamp, Mixer, etc.) that does not add noise nor unwanted coloration to the mic's sound/signal. If your mic requires 48v Phantom power, you'll need to supply that, as the Helix LT does not.


The full Helix units (Floor and Rack) can handle the entire process quite well, via their Mic XLR in and related Mic In support features and circuitry (48v Phantom pwr, etc).


If you are within your Helix LT's vendor's satisfaction return window, you may want to consider returning and exchanging your Helix LT for the Full Helix, particularly, if you plan on using and consolidating your Mic use to the Helix. Depending on what other gear you may have or need to acquire, you may do better with the Full Helix unit.

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