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Amplifi TT


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I’m loolig at getting a small modelling fx unit with earphones, it would also be good to have monitor etc. I’ve been looking at the Boss GT 1 and the Moore GE 200 along with the firehawk and TT.


The firehawk is a little to big I think but the TT is great size but the only one that’s not in a pedal format, not sure I care too much about that though it’s a nice to have.


Anyway, am I comming to the Amplifi TT party too late?


Is the feeling that this is still a current solution, I understand that it’s what it is etc but no one wants to buy something that’s about to be discontinued.


Are the TT owners happy, would say buy it anyway it’s great as it is and don’t worry about how current it is?


Or should I carry on looking elsewar ?


I appreciate that only I can make the final decision but you guys who own these units will be able to offer your opinion on how good thay are and if you would still buy one today.


Thanks ;)

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Well, you're not getting any enthusiastic responses to your questions, which, in my estimation, suggests that there's some validity to your fear that the Amplifi devices are kind-of 'dying on the vine'. They're still available as new units, but requested updates are not finding their way to current users.


I don't own a TT, so I can't specifically address your questions as an owner. I do own an FX-100 and an Amplifi 30, so I am knowledgeable about the series, which sport the same effects, models & presets that are in the TT.


I've responded to your posting, in part, because of your comment that you are looking at several other devices that are in the 'pedal board' form factor, and the TT is not. You've not said anything about your intended use, whether it's for at-home, studio work, maybe recording into a computer/DAW, or if you intend to use it as a performance tool. If you'll be playing in any kind of a 'live' scenario, by yourself or with other musicians, you'll be severely limited in the ability to make real-time patch/preset setting changes with the TT, because this must be accomplished by pressing buttons on the unit or on your bluetooth-connected device. In either case, this requires taking your attention away from your instrument to make a selection. In addition, changing to a different preset via bluetooth results in a delay before the change is made. Not good if you're playing a song...


The Amplifi FX-100 is much like the TT, but in pedal board form, and is more easily compared with the other units you've mentioned. Same sounds and presets, but also somewhat limiting for live performances. This unit has only 4 switches and a simple 2-digit LED display to accept input for selecting one of the 25 banks of 4 presets each, and giving a visual representation of which bank and preset is active. To choose a bank, you have to stomp on two switches simultaneously, which increments or decrements the bank number that's displayed on the LEDs. If you wanted to select tones from bank 5 and you're on bank 1, you'd have to step on the C & D switches simultaneously 4 times, then choose the preset you wanted from the A, B, C & D switches. Works ok and there's minimal switching delay, but you have to keep track of which tones you want somehow, as the there's no name displayed. All you'll see is the bank number and which switch is activated, such as 01 and a light by the B switch. Realistically, this is pretty cumbersome if you use more than a handful of presets. In my opinion, this is a serious shortcoming of the FX-100. In addition, there is no control of the individual effects via the footswitches. If, for example, you want to kick in a solo boost, you'd have to store that in a separate preset. You can't just step on a switch to boost the output, because there isn't one!


Of all the Amplifi series, I think the best combination is one of the two larger amps with one of their accessory floor controllers. I have an FBV Shortboard MKII, which provides excellent control over the presets and the individual effects within them, as well as a display that shows the name of the preset in use.

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