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  1. Unless you have the LT, then it's $299. So not knowing about the software version I decided to buy the LT which does everything I need plus it's my first venture into modelling at this level, until now I'd only used Amplitube on my iPad etc and felt that spending over a $1000 was enough. Now I find that because I only have the LT and not the floor I have to pay three times more for the Native version, my LT was not three times cheaper than the floor so why do I have to pay so much more? At $99 I would have bought it, and I'm guessing there are others who feel as I do and would also have purchased Native for $99. I'm just a home / open mic guy who also does some home recording, and as others have said the Native version is a convenience and not a necessity. I'm sure a bigger convenience for some than others but still a convenience, and for me $299 is more than I'm willing to pay just so I don't have to get the actual hardware out. Maybe I'm missing the point, maybe the Native version isn’t meant for people like me. Maybe it’s only for those professionals who paid the extra for the floor or for real studios that can get their money back from clients? Maybe it’s a way of getting back the money I saved because I bought the LT and not the floor? Either way I feel it’s a shame that the difference in price between the floor owners and LT owners is so great, I’m sure if they just said it’s $99 for all Helix owners more of us would have purchased it and that would mean a wider user base which can only be a good thing. Just my 2¢ worth. BTW I’m British so had to convert the currency in case it’s a little out
  2. I’m loolig at getting a small modelling fx unit with earphones, it would also be good to have monitor etc. I’ve been looking at the Boss GT 1 and the Moore GE 200 along with the firehawk and TT. The firehawk is a little to big I think but the TT is great size but the only one that’s not in a pedal format, not sure I care too much about that though it’s a nice to have. Anyway, am I comming to the Amplifi TT party too late? Is the feeling that this is still a current solution, I understand that it’s what it is etc but no one wants to buy something that’s about to be discontinued. Are the TT owners happy, would say buy it anyway it’s great as it is and don’t worry about how current it is? Or should I carry on looking elsewar ? I appreciate that only I can make the final decision but you guys who own these units will be able to offer your opinion on how good thay are and if you would still buy one today. Thanks ;)
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