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Amplifi TT wahs


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I'm considering getting an FBV MKII  for my Amplifi TT.  I was testing the wah by moving the Position parameter with my left hand as I strummed with my right.  There was so much delay with this, that the pedal would be useless if it too reacted as slowly.


What am I missing?  I'm running the Amplifi app on an Amazon Fire 8HD tablet and everything else works great.

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It's very likely that you're seeing this delay because you're going through the app and then into your Amplifi device via bluetooth. There's a similar lag in changing from one selected tone to another via the app. It's an issue that's mentioned (and complained about) in forum posts from unsuspecting users who expect the changes to be near real-time. This just doesn't happen when it's done from the app, and not a hardware device, like a foot controller. I think Line 6 should be more upfront about this, because it does raise questions in users' minds. It's not a defect or a bad design, it's just the way things work when you're pairing up hardware with software via bluetooth.


I use an FBV Shortboard MKII with my Amplifi 30. Changing from one preset/patch to the next happens with minimal delay/latency, and  volume & wah functionality is as-expected. If you buy a floorboard, make sure you get it from a source that will accept returns, if you find it unsatisfactory. I'm guessing that it'll be just fine.

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