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Is there a way to have a looper with the presets of amplifi?


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I'm a disinterested bystander in this debate, but I am of the opinion that this will never be done. The Amplifi series is a 'mature' product line, and my guess is that we'll not likely see any firmware changes unless the new version provides significant reliability improvements or other features that placate owners' unease with some of the quirks associated with the update process.


It's easy to sit back and speculate that adding a looping facility to an existing device is simple and inexpensive, but -- in my opinion -- it's not as easy as rearranging a menu in the remote app. It would almost certainly require a hardware design change and additional components. This is kind of thing you might see in a new generation of Amplifi, but not likely to appear as a firmware update. I don't know if Amplifi is considered a strong-enough performer for Line 6 to contemplate a series upgrade, but I have my doubts.


If you have a generic computer with a lot of memory and decent audio hardware attached, it would seem to open up a lot of programming possibilities, where cool features are developed primarily within the soft/firmware to drive the hardware in a specific manner. But the Amplifi has already been 'optimized' from a hardware standpoint. There surely isn't untold amounts of memory not being used that would afford the additional functionality. Products are designed with cost savings having significant influence, not infinite flexibility to accommodate end-users' pipedreams.


On the other hand, I can offer that it shouldn't be that 'costly/complicated' for users wanting a looper in Amplifi, to go out and buy a pedal to accomplish this.

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