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  1. I think, only the electronics matter. Eg pickups and/ or knobs circuitry.
  2. No offense meant. But what so you mean mate?
  3. Koebi

    Amplifi utility?

    Right, Mate. As for Android, I die the Update via my iPhone. Then just switched to Android, here I am :-)
  4. Hey dear Guitar friend. You express perfectly my feelings about Amplifi75. Nothing to add, thank you for your thoughtful Post!
  5. "Of course" its not like a Marshall stack, depends of your understanding whats loud. I use mine as practice amp and HiFi surrogate streaming YouTube vids from my Android Tablet. The surround Sound fits perfectly my needs as bedroom device :-)
  6. Koebi

    Tuner Headache

    I never had issue using the tuner, its a useful thing, in my opinion
  7. Koebi

    Amplifi, a lame Duck?

    Huhh, I am flabbergasted about the Land reactions I got with my topic. Anyway, just keep jammin :-)
  8. Koebi

    Is the Amplifi Dead?

    Exactly my opinion dear peers. Its a great device. Although as with any amp it depends on the use you have in mind.
  9. Honestly, I dont see the point of gagging so much on a topic which is not really an issue :-()
  10. Well, if if its just for carrying, there is Kind of "built in" handle: the slit along the top is built for easy carrying too. Just grip the handle :-)
  11. And of course the token-expiry is a pain in the arse currently.
  12. Hallo, not necessarily. Depends in your needs and of how you have in mind to use the Amplifi75 Good luck
  13. Koebi

    Actual power in 75

    Hey, brillow, you just Posted the best ever description of the large Button
  14. Tx so much, but frigging Remote App ist not updating
  15. Where the heck ist such an Update coming from. My device still reads 2.60.0
  16. Koebi

    Amplifi, a lame Duck?

    Hughh, I stirred the Soup quite a bit.... I meanwhile, Line6 was Sold, the prospects wont look brighter that way, with Amplifi Being just another brick in the Wall
  17. "Right now I'm using a $15 bluetooth receiver dongle plugged into the aux port on the Amplifi for audio playback" Is the no Problem with latency?
  18. Indeed, wenn are a bunch of believers :-))
  19. OK, the light flashed on :-)) First: 250 bucks are a bargain Sec: I own one since a year, bought it used I am very happy with it, perfect for room use. Tx to the Layout of the Speakers, it must not BE top loud and got still the full Broad Sound, not lacking bass. Issue was on Start updating the System. With Windows its a Headache, so I took the sideway via my iPhone. Took some time, but now I got release 2,6x, the latest. The sound possibilities are really spectacular! I usually Jam along with Backingtracks which I downloaded to my Android Tablet, where the Amplifi Remote App ist located too. And not to forget, as a hifi home Player its great top. You got any issues, just hackme :-) Jack from Zuerich, Switzerland
  20. Hello, I am afraid, I dont really get the core of your question....
  21. Thats where the bucks would be hidden. I auslegt, as Long 6 got more traditional amp devices, they wont strech out for to mich efforts. Although, for me my Amplifi75 works well, just no updates :-(
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