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  1. If you go to the "downloads" section of the line 6 site, there are fields to search with. Select "Pod xt Pro" from the left most menu, then "Windows 10" from that field, then it will give you a page with downloads. Select Line6 Monkey (needed to activate and update the pod), and the most recent drivers if applicable. It also works with Pod Farm 2, so grab it if you own it. Grab the License Manager, and then update the flash memory. Finally on the search bar, again select "Pod XT Pro", and then in the next two fields select "Line 6 edit" and "Windows 8" (There is no windows 10 version for the XT).
  2. Riffworks is still available in a standard version, the T4(Free) version is gone, and neither have online functionality anymore as no longer exists. The things that you bought should still be there, all you would need to do is sign into your Sonoma Wireworks account and re-download it all again. here is a link
  3. Hmm, what is your native language? That might help a bit. So when you play the bottom/bass strings, you get a fat, warm sound, but when you play the top ones sound thinner and not as warm?
  4. Sorry for the necro, but who was looking for the discount?
  5. Stealing is bad guys....don't do it!
  6. To be clear, Are you trying to achieve the ability to play a full chord with one note on the guitar (1-fret pressed down), or are you trying to figure out why your keyboard only had a single sound? Also, can you explain what you mean by one sound? I'll do my best to assist you, as I've messed with synth patches for my POD 500x for a while.
  7. Do you mean the Model Packs? Or just downloadable tones? If it's tones, use the custom tone area...if it's the model packs, you gotta buy em, unless you bought a NEW HD500X, then when you register it, and update via Line 6 Monkey/Updater and activate it, they should give you a redeemable set of "Fully Loaded" under your account.
  8. Odd, after an update I don’t have any of those issues; I however do separate the amp from all of my electronics. I keep it away from my PC, and keep my phone and iPad in “Do Not Disturb†to avoid interference. Additionally I keep it away from antennas and stone walls (they can cause an issue with sending and receiving wireless signals), as well as placing the iPad on top of the amp, or the iPhone witching 6 feet and it has never disconnected. What kind of surroundings do you place your amp in? Are there any PCs near it, or WiFi Hubs, or routers? And I’m not sure if you have one, but does your area have a Metallic Roof? Those really wreak havoc on wireless tech.
  9. Sure thing! 4 years ago it wasn’t so great but with the updates it’s working pretty good from what I see. Perfect for jam sessions.
  10. I’m looking to see if it’s a windows 10 issue though, mainly because over half my gear no longer works in windows thanks to its “creators update†and all the other ones. I suspect line 6 aren’t at fault here and it might just be windows.
  11. AMPLIFi remote is basically a gearbox style software and you can use it while recording. It works fine as long as you don’t switch apps frequently and set the phone to do not disturb. It has a visual interface where you tap and select amps and pedals visually, it’s quite nice. Also you can stream music and backing tracks to jam out to on it under the music tab. Plug into your PC and use your headphones or external powered monitors and you’ve got a nice practice amp setup. Additionally I’d recommend downloading Audacity, it’s a free DAW that’s extremely easy to use and would let you record your own tracks and let you edit audio to learn songs as well (slow down the tempo, change keys, etc) and the process is actually pretty easy. Let me know if you have more questions.
  12. My AMPLIFi arrived today, had to update over BT took an hour. Usb still refuses to recognize. But the amp works fine. Much better than my initial try 4 years ago.
  13. Helix is actually VST software, whereas the Amplifi remote controls the TT Directly; However you can use the TT as part of a DAW and load helix withing that. What sort of questions do you have in particular? All in all, PodFarm is more like the original Gearbox stuff that used to exist, Helix native is $400 but blows it all out of the water I believe it's also 30% right now.
  14. Sweet. Looks like I’m playing this Saturday then!
  15. The core of my question was since they had one on sale for $250 at my store, if I should pick one up. I had one 4 years ago when they came out, and wasn’t impressed because the app really didn’t work at all; and was seeing if anything had been improved. Looking for a bedroom amp woth decent sound, can’t use my 2x12 in the room.
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