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  1. ts020572

    POD HD 500X Live Setup Tips?

    crossthestyx, if you are still not happy with your tone through the guitar cabinet, maybe get a used DT25 or DT50. They are a perfect match. Sure, you may even consider a regular tube amp, and the DT50 is a heavy beast to lug around, but if you like to have the flexibility of the POD, for me these are the two best solutions: POD with FRFR (and don't get a cheap one) POD with DT25/DT50 I haven't tried a POD through the new Powercabs from Line 6.
  2. ts020572

    help picking Hd500

    i would not buy the Firehawk. Less good amp models and no MIDI! The POD 500 is a very flexible MIDI Controller
  3. ts020572

    help picking Hd500

    Better get a new HX Stomp! :-)
  4. ts020572

    Anyone using Mooer Radar Speaker Simulator with their HD?

    You could just test the free Wall of Sounds software from Two Notes with your POD and check if the difference in sound is worth the price for an IR Loader. I use a Torpedo C.A.B. with my POD and like it :-)
  5. ts020572

    Optimum DT25/HD400 setup...do you agree?

    Solution: That's it!. I set input 1 to Guitar and Input 2 to Same and set the mixer pans for channel A & B to center and the POD now sounds much better through the DT25. https://line6.com/support/topic/6524-dt25-with-podhd500x-sounds-better-with-amps-bypassed/
  6. ts020572

    another 4cm question/thread

    that helped me a lot: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/pod-hd500-4cm-succeeded.1254163/
  7. ts020572

    POD HD with IRs from HX Effects?

    Has anybody tried to use the HX Effects IRs with the POD HD series? I am just thinking about that...
  8. ts020572

    pod HD500x in front of an amp (no effects loop)

    I used the POD HD500 in front of my amp, for wahwah, compression, chorus, boost.... It is possible, but you have to get the levels right. I used it with these settings: studio direct, all FX in path A, mixer at 0 db, pan in the middle, path B muted, master volume at 100%. It also is a very flexible midi-controller, if your amp can handle midi.
  9. ts020572

    HD Pro X EXTREME frustration

    I was never really satisfied with my POD HD, since I bought a used DT50. Now it rocks! :-)
  10. POD HD500 or HDPro with DT50. If you play different styles, best solution, and if you buy used also cheap. I would prefer the HD Pro, standing on the DT50, for ergonomical reasons.
  11. ts020572

    Line 6: seems they're missing a huge marketing segment.

    There is still the POD HD, what is wrong with it? No need for a Helix.
  12. ts020572

    Newbie Needs to Hook up Pod HD Pro X

    yes, and yes. you are on the right track. Studio Direct, and use the full amp models with cab simulation.
  13. ...are the possibilities. I bought my tube amp 12 years ago, three channels, once dialed in the only button I use is the mastervolume. With Pod HD I am always change settings, amp, fx,... because I can. What I am trying to say: I don't need more amps! :-)
  14. ts020572

    Decision help - HD PRO X or HD 500X

    my advice would be, from my experience: if you love your Marshall Amp, keep it, do NOT get a POD, use analog FX or something like TC G-System. I use my POD HD500 only as MIDI-Controller because this bad boy is a tone-sucker. In my opinion the POD HDs are not made to work with a tube amplifier, it is always a compromise. If you want to have the flexibility of a digital guitar rig, buy a POD and a FRFR System. I unplugged everything from my tube amp last week at band rehearsal (POD HD in front, G-Major in FX Loop) and it was like night and day.
  15. ts020572

    Hd500x volume level

    I play a three channel tube amp, and also have to level the different channels... so, why all the complaining about the Pod?