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How to connect dbx compressor to x3 pro and is it possibler to chain tone1 & tone 2


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I have an used dbx166XL, which I would like to use as the first effect in a chain (before stomp) There seems to be no possibility to configure FX loop this early in the chain.


Can I connect dbx to the guitar and after that to X3 Pro? I believe signal levels do not match, so do I need some kind of equipment between guitar and dbx? How to connect then the dbx to X3 Pro? Do I need again some extra hardware, or can I use normal front panel guitar jack, digital inputs on the back panel etc...?


My second question is, that is it possible to chain tone1 and tone2? By this I mean, can I connect guitar e.g. as a guitar 1, create signal chain (=tone 1) for it and then use this tone 1 as an input for tone 2? I am not sure are there such option in input and output configurations menus. Could this be done e.g. leading an output via cable to e.g. digital input and configuring tone2 to use  that input?


If this is possible, one could use FX loop (and dbx in it) in tone1 without any other effects and lead this FX-looped tone 1 to tone2 as an input?




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For your first question, I don't think it's possible to put the loop as the starting point of the chain. But you should be able to use the one of the Line inputs on the back of the units to connect the compressor.


And as for your second question, no, it's not directly possible to chain Tone è2 after Tone 1. But, I think you can get the output from the 1/4" outputs on the back, and feed that to the Line input, setting the input of Tone 2 as line input.


Hope that helps!

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