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Using Line 6 Amplifi with POD HD500x

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Hi Everybody,


I picked up a POD HD500x yesterday and immediately started using it with my Amplifi 150. I started using the looper, but one of the things that annoyed me a bit was that I couldn't use the Amplifi effects on separate loops of the looper.


This morning I started experimenting with leads with the aim to get effects from Guitar->Relay G10->Amplifi->POD->Amplifi.


I tried using Amplifi guitar in -> Amplifi Headphones out -> POD Guitar in -> POD Headphones out -> Amplifi AUX in, But I didn't receive a signal. I Think this is because I'm using the Amplifi's Headphones out, meaning the signal is looping round and round forever, but never reaching the speaker. Could I change the signal path to go to the POD first, then the Amp, then the pod, then the amp again? What else could I try?


The POD has L6 link, USB-B, Midi In and out/thru, S/PDIF out, Variax, FX Send, FX Return L and R, Mic In, AUX in, Phones Out, XLR out L and R, 1/4" Out Land R, CD/Mp3 in, Guitar in and pedal 2. The Amplifi has Guitar in, Headphones out, AUX in, FBV Pedal and USB. My G10 has both balanced and unbalanced outs plus USB.


Thanks for your help!

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Old post. But anyway, the headphone out disables the speaker so the 4-cable method won’t work here. You can send HD500 to FRFR speakers thru aux input. But no Amplifi effects that way. Or just go into guitar in. 


But you probably know this already. 

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