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Helix LT updates


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Dear Fellow Forum Members,

I have just purchased my Helix LT (version 2.12.2), registered the product & now reviewing the downloads/installation of the updates on the site.

Being completely new, my questions are:

  1. Do I need to install all of the updates, or just the most recent update, & if so, which ones?
  2. If I need to update them all (I suspect not), then do they need to be updated in the order they were released i.e. chronologically?
  3. Would I be OK to just install the most recent firmware update i.e. version 2.30 (again, I suspect not)?

My apologies in advance for what may be obvious to others,  but I am currently slightly overwhelmed with some of the instructions, but probably need to delve in deeper. I would appreciate any assistance/advice anyone can provide.


Many thanks


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You only need to install the most recent update, v2.30; ignore earlier updates. Begin the process by downloading nad installing the HX Edit program, which will also install the driver and the Line 6 Updater program. Then run the Updater program with your Helix LT connected via USB.


Also since the device is new you don't have to back up your existing presets; you haven't yet developed any custom presets that you will want to save and restore.

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