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inserting external effects in spider valve 112

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I have a spider valve 112 (not mkII, the original one) with a FBV pedalboard.

I'd like to insert external effects pedals betwwen the preamp and amp ; so I could use the preamp modelisations and drive knob of the spider valve to get clear or heavy sound, and add external effects as compressor or chorus after the preamp. 


I tried with the "preamp out" and "power amp in" connections in this configuration : 


guitar --> spider valve guitar input --> preamp output --> effects pedals --> power amp in --> my ears :) 


the last part of the chain was not very happy (my ears ...) because of no sound ! 

reading the manual, I see preamp output is off when power amp in is used ; quite strange for an effect loop ... 


With this conf : 

guitar --> effects pedals --> power amp in --> my ears

I get sound, but the FBV pedalboard is not used anymore. I mean the FBV is used by the preamp stage ? 


Is there any pb with my amp ? if not, how can I insert external effects between preamp and amp with the spider valve 112 AND get sound in my ears :) ? 


Thanks a lot for your help, 

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I have an SV MK1 and have used my old Boss pedals with it many times and never observed anything like that. Perhaps, try using a single cable and jump the PRE OUT to the POWER AMP IN...

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