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M9 Glitch Problem/looper Mode

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When plugging in the power supply, on some occasions,the display screen and l.e.d lights,will illuminate Simultaneously. When I do get to the main screen, while playing with a effect; the looper setting will turn on by itself and vice versa from looper mode to effect select scene. If I'm using the tuner, scrolling through the menu it can/will switch to looper mode . It's as if the tap tempo and one shot buttons are staying down by themselves. Your thoughts?

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Sounds like it could be a sticky button, or a software issue.


Either make sure you are at the most up to date firmware, and if need be, back up your settings, and then try resetting the device (does the issue happen at factory defaults)?


For the sticky buttons, try a little circuit cleaner and press the buttons several times to work the grime out.





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