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  1. Sounds like it could be a sticky button, or a software issue. Either make sure you are at the most up to date firmware, and if need be, back up your settings, and then try resetting the device (does the issue happen at factory defaults)? For the sticky buttons, try a little circuit cleaner and press the buttons several times to work the grime out. Cheers, Shawn
  2. Hi, Are you running really long cable in your setup? Have you tried plugin straight into the m9 and then straight into your amp (both with short cables). If this makes a difference then you have probable too much cable length in your setup or an issue with your amps effects loop (if it is used). Can you describe how you configure your guitar through everything. Also have you tried turning on the buffered bypass instead of the true bypass, it will let you run longer cable lengths and allows the effects to trail off when dis-engaged. Cheers, Shawn
  3. Here is a supported and non supported list from the support archives: Works: Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k ohm (log pot) Line 6 EX-1 Roland EV-5 Boss FV-500L Boss FV-500H unknow needs confirmation: Kurzweil CC-1 (10K linear pot, 45 bucks, likely compatible) TC Electronics X1 (25k ohm Logpot, $130 (!), likely compatible) Pigtronix EP-1 Expression Pedal (20k pot unknown taper, metal construction, around 50 bucks, likely compatible) Not Compatible: Yamaha FC-7 Ernie Ball VP JR Passive 250K & 6166 Any wah wah pedal Morley volume Pedals Behringer FCV100 M-Audio EXP Rocktron Hex Moog EP-2 (it is possible to swap the internal pot with a 16mm pot, though it might take some fabrication skills. This is not recommended for the inexperienced.)
  4. I would do the following: Configure M13 to Post EFX 1 -Guitar to M13 input, M13 send to Octo-fuzz and the Bit Commander to your amp input -Amp send to M13 Return, M13 Output to Jamman and then the Jamman to your Amps Effects return. So the config would be first bank of M13 effects, then Fuzz, then Bit commander, then the amps preamp channel ,then banks 2-4 of M13 and then Jamman looper then amps power tubes to speaker
  5. I've been running my 1st column in front of the amp (midi 1-3) and the rest (midi 4-12)through the effects loop on my Roadster. For leads I have a Boost Comp setup with a pretty high Output level. This really pushes the amp nicely in the front and removes some of the harshness of the effects with the tube effects loop in the amp. I get a gain boost as well as a pronounced volume boost when engaged. More than enough to stand out in front of Keys, Bass and a heavy Drummer. If this is still not working for you and you are using the Effects loop configuration (Guitar to M13, M13 to amp input and then effects loop of amp connected to M13, then the first cable leaving your M13 could go to a Midi controlled Distortion or boost like a TC Electronics Nova Drive, with a midi cable between the M13 and the Nova drive, they would switch in unison. Its a pricey addition but great tone with ease of use :)
  6. Even better, a computer based editing software for the product so we can more easily add names to patches, add specific times for delays and better organize the arsenal of effects at your disposal.
  7. I had the same issue, as DonCelestion said pull it off (also give it a good shot with a can or compressed air, and or a little circuit cleaner) and then push it back on. Some times dust and dirt can get stuck in there.
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