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POD HD500X problem


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Hi Guys,


This is my first post on these forums as I have never required any help before now with my Line6 equipment.


Firstly, my setup is as follows:


I am running the HD500X through a DT25 head and cab via the link6 cable.

The system has always worked great and done exactly what it is meant to until recently.


The problem:


When I switch on, the pod works on the patch that comes on from the last time. When I try and change the patch via the channel selection switches, the sound goes completely horrible and fuzzy, and the screen displays the setting dials for the tones.

When the pod is not plugged into the am and the switches are used, it seems to be running through the settings fine.


I changed the link6 cable as that is what I assumed was the problem but it remained!!


The amp is working fine when I play direct into it.


I have spoken to a number of suppliers on this and they have suggested I do a re-set on the system and start again.


I would appreciate it if someone could send me details on how to carry out the reset on the pod, or if you have experienced the same issue, let me know how you resolved it.


Thanks in advance,



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But I think most people would agree, and the reset link alluded to it, that flashing the latest firmware, even if you already have it, is a good thing to do before a global reset. 


Thanks for the feedback.

I tried the global reset and nothing happened.

I tried the flashing the firmware and nothing happened.

I deleted everything Line 6 related from my computer, re-installed the line 6 monkey and downloaded all drivers etc.. then repeated the re flash process and we had success!!


Thanks again

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