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M13 To Boost For Leads?

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So I made a switch from my long time Vetta combo back to my old re-tubed 5150 and 4-12 cab.  Love the Vetta.. but wanted to go  back to tube.  Problem was I had no clue where my old pedals went and long ago dismantled my rack gear.  So I got a used HD400 on a heck of deal, but didn't really need it for the amp models...so I got a used M13 because I want the 5150 tone.  The biggest issue I can't seem to fix is how to have a pedal set up to boost for a lead solo.  Back in the day I had an old Boss EQ pedal flat that I had the gain up on ...and stomping it gave me the boost to be heard on solos.  I figured one of the Comp settings would allow that... which is what I used to do on the Vetta.  But I can't really hear a difference in volume level when I increase the 'level' of the FX.  Am I doing something just ridiculously wrong?  I don't want to have to hit 3 pedals for a solo...a boost plus delay etc..  I also bought the LIne 6 expression pedal.. I assume I can use this as a volume/wah?  I'm almost embarrased asking what seems like simple questions....but I don't have but a week to figure this out before another gig...I love the m13... def gives me what I need... but I gotta have a boost thing happening... surely it can be. 





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Hi, I think this was a common post in the early days ! 

I solved it by thinking of the problem the other way up ?!?! i.e. instead of 'boosting' for the solos, 'cut' for the verses !

I have my M13 set-up with the last column lowest switch as a 'volume' control set at 80%. and I leave it turned ON for most of the time.  I've set the two other buttons in that column to effects that I normally add to a solo (slap-back echo and reverb) - so now I have the volume switch ON for the verses (80% volume) and then which ever button I press in that column adds 25% volume and the solo's effect (if desired) .  Pressing the lowest button again turns then effect off and reduces the volume by 20%.


It works well for me, though I ought to say that I have the M13 set-up using the '4-cable' method, so this volume switching comes AFTER the Pre-Amp.  A lot of valve amps will add greater distortion to greater input volume, so boosting the volume prior to the Pre-Amp will change the tone as well as increase volume.


Good luck hope this is useful



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I've been running my 1st column in front of the amp (midi 1-3) and the rest (midi 4-12)through the effects loop on my Roadster.


For leads I have a Boost Comp setup with a pretty high Output level. This really pushes the amp nicely in the front and removes some of the harshness of the effects with the tube effects loop in the amp.


I get a gain boost as well as a pronounced volume boost when engaged. More than enough to stand out in front of Keys, Bass and a heavy Drummer.


If this is still not working for you and you are using the Effects loop configuration (Guitar to M13, M13 to amp input and then effects loop of amp connected to M13, then the first cable leaving your M13 could go to a Midi controlled Distortion or boost like a TC Electronics Nova Drive, with a midi cable between the M13 and the Nova drive, they would switch in unison.


Its a pricey addition but great tone with ease of use :)

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