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Best Amp Settings For Good Sound While Playing Quietly

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     I'm playing at home, so trying to keep things relatively quiet, but I'd like to get the best sound possible from the various Spider setting options (I'm all over the map, jazz, rock, blues, country).  Am I going to get better sound quality if I turn the channel volume up on the amp and down on the guitar, or down on the amp and up on my guitar.  I've been messing around and amp down/guitar up sometimes seems better, but I'm not sure.  And if that's the way to go, how far down on the amp should I turn the volume? 


     So, simply put: which guitar volume and amp drive, channel volume, and bass/mid-range/treble settings will give me the best sound quality at low volume?



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As I mentioned in the other thread where you asked the same thing, there are no set answers.  Generally, I would try with guitar volume up most of the way, master volume down, and channel volume, gain and tone adjusted to get the sound you want.

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