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About Writing Tablature MIDI

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Greetings everyone,  I started playing guitar a while ago, mainly I play the game songs I like.


But some of the tablature of them cannot be found on the internet, so I have to use my ear to distinguish the note and write them on Guitar Pro, or Tuxguitar. (2 song writing software)


I am quite sure that I have write correctly for every note of a song. But the problem is, I actually didn’t have basic music knowledge? (whole note, half note, 1/4 note, 1/8 note, 4/4 beat? etc.) And I don‘t know how to find the BPM of the song...


So although I have written down all the notes of one game song I like in those software, and I press play button, I can only get standard 120bpm, 4 note per bar/phrase? at the same speed.


I wish to make it right, what are the things I need to know to really produce a song? 


I will only export it as MIDI, and open in software for my own reference when I play guitar.


Thanks in advance!

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If I understood you, one of your issues is finding out the tempo of a song that you wish to translate into a midi recording. If so you may want to find an app that can be used to tap with the beat of the song, and then it will display the tempo of the song.

Here is a link to one you can use on an iphone for example



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