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  1. I started playing around with this after reading your post. I haven't used the Bomber in my live setup, but they do sound very good. I thought they were a little mild on the top end until I changed the default mic from 47A to 421. Also helps to change the cab to one of the 3x12 brit. I have leaned heavily on the Diezel (Diety) amps for this kind of tone. I think they cut through very well with my band and the other guitarist. I have been disappointed a couple of times when trying to apply the EQ, as it can sound awesome at home and then its not right at the rehearsal. EQ can get pretty wild with volume changes I guess... its best as a last resort. Sometimes, if I'm having trouble, I will play a riff on my looper pedal and then just scroll through the amps, cabs and mics to find the sound. Also check this youtube you can hear some isolated parts of Cantrells guitar on Them Bones
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    Bonjour Serge, il ne faut pas oublier d'utiliser le switch qui se trouve à côté du port de recharge ... cela devrait être en accord avec le port utilisé. Peut-être que vous trouverez une solution là-bas?
  3. There is something worth exploring, you can try the "Line6 FBV control" software, which is an editing software interface which can reassign the midi controls in the FBV. Personally I am not brave enough to play around with this yet, as I don't want to jack up my foot controller when I need it most. I would rather have some instructions before trying something like that, but I'd love to find out what others are doing with FBV control.
  4. You should be able to get what you want by turning down the "drive" knob on the front of the amp. I doubt this will help you to "easily flip" the sounds.. I assume you are trying to do this without the foot switch or a connected mobile device. If so you may be able to find a solution by switching the sounds with a connected PC or Mac
  5. It’s not about Apple vs PC but its full OS vs Mobile OS. I have the same problem with a MacBook and full OS. To do what you want you need some kind of mobile device, be it IOS or Android. The spider remote software on PC or Mac is only useful for local files, stored on the local drive with no access to the L6 clooud or community.
  6. If I understood you, one of your issues is finding out the tempo of a song that you wish to translate into a midi recording. If so you may want to find an app that can be used to tap with the beat of the song, and then it will display the tempo of the song. Here is a link to one you can use on an iphone for example
  7. si está usando Spider Remote y no puede encontrar su tones. probablemente sea necesario cerrar sesión y luego iniciar sesión en Spider Remote después tu Spider Remote debería llenarse con tu tones otra vez
  8. Yes it will charge your iPad and play music over USB
  9. With my sss Strat, I like the Brit Gain 18 together with the Tube Drive stomp for some classic Blink
  10. As you can see on the remote app, FS1 is always a compressor. And normally I believe it will not boost anything unless you dial in some gain on it and save it that way (I may be wrong about that, bc I don't really use the pre-sets and I am slowly replacing them all with my own tones). So from what I know about the Spider is that there is no "boost" for solos programmed into every pre-set patch. I agree that the pre-set manual from Line 6 should not be calling "compressor" a "boost" I think the simplest solution would be to try using the FS1 compressor as a boost for solos. This wont work of course if you are already using compressor for rhythm. You can also make your own patch and change one of the fx stomps to the boost/EQ pedal.. which should provide some clean boost... just not on FS1 FS2,FS3, and FS4 can all be reconfigured with any of the available FX pedals. FS1 is dedicated Comp and FS5 is dedicated verb. If it really needs to be FS1, you may be able to play around with the "Line 6 FVB Control" program on your PC. I just checked it out with my Macbook/ USB cable directly to the FBV3. You may be able to change the function of FS1. Personally I am staying away from that, as it looks a little confusing, and I feel like I could be a mouse-click away from toasting my FBV3... And I can't gig this amp without that.
  11. *Update* I figured out how to use the new feature provided in the Line 6 Spider V Firmware 1.05. Press and hold the home button on the face of the amp. Now several options are available, dial the selector knob until you find "phones mode" press the selector knob to switch between "phone" and "line" Selecting "line" will lock the output levels of the headphone jack as well as the XLR output. (master knob will now have no effect on them) Master knob attenuates only the speaker volume. Plugging a 1/4 inch jack into the phones output will not mute the speaker selecting "phone" will allow the master knob to attenuate the headphone output, as well as the XLR output. Plugging a 1/4 inch jack into the phones output will mute the speaker If you are having the same issue I have with recording levels on a SpiderV240, then "phone" is the way to go. I find the line level is pretty hot in my audio interface [steinbgerg UR22] and I need the master knob to turn it down, as my input level control may not be enough to keep it from peaking in the red Now back to your issue, I think I had something buggy happening on the SpiderV240 today, as the speaker was unexplainably muted {headphone jack removed]. When I switched modes from Phone to Line and back to phone again, it went away.
  12. How do you switch modes? I can try it on my spider V 240. It’s updated but currently in phones mode
  13. its as complicated as you want it to be. try this, set up your guitar with the selector switch in the middle, volume just under max, tone knob in the middle. now on the Spider, using the knob just under the display window, dial through all of the presets on the amp, and take note of the names of the sounds you like. You should be getting some great sounds without having to tweak all of the Line 6 tone settings. But if tweaking is your thing.. you have a good amp for that too!
  14. Playing in a fairly loud rock cover band, I tried the Spider V120 at first, with the volume dimed, it was just about the right level. I traded up to the Spider V240.. which fits the gig perfectly volume wise. As far as stereo sounds... I honestly cannot hear any stereo effect. I record with the XLR mono output to my DAW Audio interface.. it sounds great. Never tried micing the amp, never tried the USB interface either. The amp sounds great at low volumes. i originally expected that the tone would be the same at all volumes, but there does seem to be an increase in treble when the volume goes up. Keep that in mind when you set up tones at home and then bring them out to play with the band in a volume environment
  15. I use the iPad pro to adjust the tones and levels. Then save the edited tone to "my tones" Then I save the edited tone to the Spider amp, in a selected bank. I haven't used a preset since I demoed the product almost a year ago. I also use the FBV 3 foot controller, so quickly stepping on the volume pedal for a volume adjustment is a nice feature when the levels aren't perfect.
  16. what I do with the Spider Remote app on the connected iPad is... in the "My tones" section, swipe from right to left on any tone. this will reveal the delete button.
  17. No Experience with playing outside yet. However I often hit the looping [function] button and sometimes accidentally record and then playback a loop of my guitar. This usually happens when overreaching for the FS3 button. When entering any looping mode I can stop it by double switching the function button. Hope this helps
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