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  1. stonelx

    Switch to clean sound?

    I really like the preset "Afterlife". But I'm having trouble figuring out how to easily flip to a clean sound and remove the distortion. So, I could save Afterlife to a user1 preset, and also save it to the user2 preset, but then edit the user2 preset and remove the distortion. Is this the best way? And how do you remove distortion? The Afterlife preset comes with the screamer distortion effect, and disabling it doesn't remove all the distortion. Do I have to change the AMP model, or do something else? Thanks!
  2. stonelx

    Spider V rocks, thank-you Line6

    Just want to say wow! The line 6 spider V amp rocks. I've had an old tube amp (crate blue voodoo) since brand new. I love it. But over the years, my old effects processors got dropped enough times and eventually failed. Time to upgrade. Do I buy another effects board, or new amp? hmmm. So off to the Internet I go and research. Forums, amp reviews, youtube vids (the good and ugly), I ended up with a Spider V 240 combo. Why? Well, I like the front amp knob layout. The easy switch between AMP and effects (with color) are simple and cool. I opted for the 240 (over the 120 or 60) simply for the double speaker. I like that stereo sound you get in a small room. But, what amazed me was the promotion for the wireless transmitter. And when I got it, and tried it out, it works perfecto! I've only just begun to tweak the infinite tones available built into the amp, but so far they sound awesome. I'm impressed. FWIW, I play everything from Megadeth to Blues on a Jackson Kelly KE3.
  3. BlackBerry Keyone with Android 7.1.1 OTG adapter and USB A-B cable (USB printer cable) Spider Remote App works, but only with the USB Audio Routing disabled. Not sure if there is a way at this point to use the phone to play music via the USB connection.