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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, everywhere I look, whether here or on YouTube, it's absolutely impossible to find tutorials that are down to the knuckle draggin' basics. All are moving too fast, using unfamiliar words and terminology totally new to someone that has never used this kind of equipment before. Where can such tutorials be found? Even the quick start guide or regular manual for the Pod Go is written with the notion that the reader/user is familiar with terminology and principles to understand the material. When I see the Line 6 tutorials on Pod Go, I am totally lost from the start. To me, it seems all the videos and material that's out there cater to people who are already savvy at a higher level than a first-time novice.
  2. Hello, I recently bought a Gibson Les Paul and Line 6 V60 amp from guitar center. I'm having trouble with editing the options in the amp to match the tone of some of the songs that I want to learn and cover. Is there a place where I can learn about what each effect, settings ,etc does. I tried doing Since I've Been Loving You, Archilles Last Stand, Sweet Child of Mine, and Jimmy Hendrix songs but I have a hard time figuring out what I need to do. I know experience plays a big role but I really have no one that I can turn to for help/advice to help me get started. Did I mess up on my gear selection? I've literally spent hours researching online what a particular artist uses for a particular song and then try to find the right settings on my amp using the spider app but I always get stuck. Any suggestions would like tutorials, or at least gear recommendations would help. I can't go out and buy things right away but what are some essential things that I can add in the future that will help with my guitar experience? Thanks!
  3. Hi ! A friend give me a Mobile Key 49 to start playing keyboard but I am a true beginner in software and I do not know what to do. Do you know if a very simple and intuitive software (for PC, Windows10) exists to be used with this MIDI controler? Thank you very much for your help ! Max
  4. CDilworth


    Just bought an HD500 and I’m in way over my head. I need to be directed to some tutorials for beginners - everything I find on the web assumes basic knowledge that I don’t have. Can someone help?
  5. Hey, I just bought an epiphone les paul jr, and spider classic 15 amp. 'm looking just to do some covers for fun, but can't seem to get the Blink 182 sound, looking to do a dammit cover. Anyone who knows if getting this sound is possible on this amp? So many presets. Thanks so much!
  6. Hey people, Would any of you guys mind helping me out, I just bought a helix LT and while I will have to wait about a week for it to ship and arrive I want to start learning more about it and building a stockpile of useful material to help me get the most out of the unit. So while this more than likely already exists (if so please will you post a link to it), could you guys direct me to the best posts, sites and videos to read up on learning to program the helix and about how things work with it? If you could provide some recommendations for Third Party Cab Impulse Responses to try out that would be awesome to! I appreciate any help that's given. Thanks in advance, Phil
  7. Hi guys since yesterday i am an owner of the Helix after at least a year of studiying the system and its potential. I've seen alot of videos and listen to its sound so many times. I know that the Helix is not the best sounding system out there but got me with its overall package. Yesterday I unboxed the system and pluged it right into my home cinema sound system and into my PC using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface. But at the moment im a bit disapointed with the sound i get. It seem to sound extremly thin. Not full range or anything just pretty thin although the base and all seem to be outputed. I had the hope that the Helix might get me a valve amp like sound to more full and mid heavy sounding. The Helix out of the box seem to sound pretty high freq. heavy and pretty digital sounding. That is what i heard in a lot of reviews too. But i heard so many guys playing on the Helix and it sounded pretty good and all. Did you guys had to do alot of tweaking and stuff to get this thing to sound actually good ? I know i have to go with IRs to get the most out of the system and hope i get my hands on IRs in the next few days. But maybe you have some usefull tips on setting this bad boy up to sound not too digital. The point that bugs me the most is that almost every Amp und distortion Pedal seem to sound the same with this high gain characteristic. Any advise on tuning the system ? I know from my start with my last multi-effects system that i need some time to get used to the Helix.
  8. Please share your tones, or any tones you know of famous musicians please. I'm in desperate need. I can't find tone by ear.
  9. Hi, I'm an intermediate guitarist who has owned a Spider IV amp for a long time and has been souly living off switching between the preset tones on the left dial (Metal, Insane, Twang etc...). I am not an expert and know next to nothing about amplifiers so if you could help me out here, thank you. There's 4 channel buttons at the top which are presets for a certain tone, When I change the tone on that channel, it reverts back to the standard built-in tone and forgets my customisations, how do I get it to save the changes? Sorry if this is extremely vague, the amplifier jargon hasn't sunk in yet. Still learning. Thanks :D
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