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  1. Would have to be the Placater Dirty! Good drive sounds, the voicing switches help reshape your tone to how you want it e.g Fat and C45. Cleans up well when backing off your volume knobor using a volume pedal. Just stick a drive in front (I am using the heir apparent) and some reverb in the back(this varies but it is currently searchlights) and maybe a simple delay for some added fun and you have a pretty good platform to go towards different genres and not just Rock and Metal as it would be intended!
  2. Fairly simple question, what do you generally do when you are dialing in any sound on your Helix? It's less about getting a specific sound and more towards methodology. My own goal here is simply to try another persons method and see does it affect the sound I come to in the end. E.g Will it be brighter and cut more or will it be darker and thicker etc. I know my method is usually: Set all EQ to 0 Set gain to half way or to generally where you think it fits for what you are going for and depending on the amp itself Set Presence to half way and same for resonance (if there) and flatten all post eq(again if present in the amp) Set your channel and master volumes as you like from here Next ramp mids to 10 and then adjust backwards until you are happy Follow the above except using your treble next Adjust presence if it is a little too ice picky or not enough clarity coming from the treble Follow this up with setting bass to 10 and working backwards Adjust resonance just like presence to prevent it being boomy or lacking bottom end Then adjust your gain to better suit the EQ Add effects from here. So what do you do?
  3. @cruisinon2 Thank you for the feedback and the comment! Taking your point into account, can you provide some form of reference to material you feel would be beneficial or demonstrates the lack of a need for what I have suggested? I fully appreciate where you are coming from that the information is already there and just want to again re-iterate that I want to be proven wrong if possible. But in doing so I do ask that you then present a resource that may help either myself or others.
  4. @DunedinDragon I fully appreciate your comment and thank you for the feedback. The two major points you had are what I would be looking to do as a main content. I want to make it so if I am a ten year old with my father's guitars and Helix that I can learn just as much as the sound engineer who has extensive knowledge of how the Helix with all of its features work and how to use them to your advantage such as using a snapshot over changing presets, parametric eqing for taming harsh frequencies and the ins and outs of reverb and delay. The whole point in my mind is a centralised learning/teaching platform that rather than people thinking it's just plug and play like it may be with some amps that they see the Helix as a very different beast. After all you don't know something until you understand it. Now on the point of generating content centred around the amps, effects, cabs, mics and everything else, while it would be a major effort it would be where I would call on the community to help. I personally would love to learn about all of these things, but I am sure I could gain a large amount of useful information from members of the Helix community. Again thank you for the feedback!
  5. Hello Everyone, Firstly, before I begin I would like to preface this by saying that if such a resource exists that I am about to propose please by all means link it and have a moderator or admin shut this thread down I would rather be told I haven't looked hard enough than to waste both your own and my time. From my own experience as a Helix user I have realised I have barely scratched the surface of what this device can do and for me going through articles and forum posts can be a bit of a drag while also intimidating. As a result I have been sitting on the idea of creating video based content to help users learn more about how to get the most out of the Helix, but I wanted to ask the community as I am just one person and my opinion is subjective. I know of the likes of Jason Sadites who puts out some amazing content and Helix help that already do a lot to help the community learn so that may already defeat the purpose of what I am asking. To Flesh out the idea: - A video based resource that provides detailed information on a stock helix set up - Deep dives into individual effects, amps and cabs etc. so that option paralysis is reduced and people can understand best what to use in a certain situation e.g. If someone were to ask how do I create a smooth Blues tone for lead and rhythm then there would be a video available that details the blocks that you could use and how certain amps/cab combos will give a different flavour to the general sound and some effects that you can use to further your soundscape. - Making all of this content centralised so that it is readily available to everyone - A view to expanding the content beyond stock Helix e.g using Impulse Responses, which ones work well for what purpose and more I have seen there are quite a few videos out there for the Axe-Fx and when you search that exact term in the likes of Youtube you will get results on generating presets or information on different amps quickly. While searching "Line 6 Helix" will primarily bring up reviews, first impressions, opinion videos, comparisons and you will have to make a more specific search such as "Line 6 Helix blues presets" to find more information on that side of things. I fully appreciate, if you are looking for a tutorial on Blues tone you are probably going to search the more specific version. The ultimate goal is to create a centralised platform/resource that will help people to master the Helix so that they will no longer worry about how to use any of it's features. If it is something people want I would be looking for help from the community to learn more(my selfish intent) and represent the information as best as possible so that it is effective in it's approach and purpose. From University I learned that there are different types of learners and am looking to appeal to the visual learners, those that find it difficult to run through a purely text based information. I merely ask for your feedback and opinions! Again to repeat myself I am happy to be proven wrong and linked to an article/website/forum that already does this! Thank you for your time, Phil
  6. Hey people, Would any of you guys mind helping me out, I just bought a helix LT and while I will have to wait about a week for it to ship and arrive I want to start learning more about it and building a stockpile of useful material to help me get the most out of the unit. So while this more than likely already exists (if so please will you post a link to it), could you guys direct me to the best posts, sites and videos to read up on learning to program the helix and about how things work with it? If you could provide some recommendations for Third Party Cab Impulse Responses to try out that would be awesome to! I appreciate any help that's given. Thanks in advance, Phil
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