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  1. You could assign the drive parameter to the expression pedal so that in the toe possition it is full drive and at heel possition it is a low drive. Another way to do this is add a split before the drive block and join it after. Then assign the volume(s) of the two branches of the merge point to the expression pedal. Have the branch with the drive be normal and the volume of the dry branch be reversed so that as you push the toe down its volume goes lower and the drive branch goes higher.
  2. Do you have active or passive pickups? If active, replace the battery.
  3. I usually try to reduce it down to steps: Start with just your guitar plugged into the HX and the Send into the Amp. Disconnect the amps EFX Loop cables. This should act like you are plugged directly into your amp. The amp gain and eq should effect the signal. Next plug the Amp's send into the HX return. You should not hear anything at this point but the HX Loop block should show signal coming into it on the screen. Are you using a Loop block or a separate send and return bock in the Helix? Continue in this fashion to try to determine where things are going wrong.
  4. If it sounds good to you then there is not right or wrong in this regards
  5. In global settings you can also enable the "pad" which will reduce the guitar input
  6. I know that in global settings you can change whether the loops are line or instrument level. check your settings and try the other setting to see if that helps with the signal level clipping
  7. Many of us have had this issue. We had to do a system reset and then restore from a back up. When you do the right reset all your user banks will be blank and you can save one of those off if you would like
  8. They all sound fine to me. It really depends on what you are going for or how you want to use them. What kind of input do you want?
  9. Please send in a support ticket to Line6 so they have visibility into how many users are having these issues. Even though this is a Line 6 forum they don't frequent here as often as other places.
  10. You may want to report this to Line6. The more people that have this issue and make Line6 aware of it may help in getting it solved.
  11. +1, I have seen this and had to do a factory reset and re-load
  12. Send in a support ticket so they are aware of it.
  13. I did several device resets. Reset Patches, Reset Setlists. I then had to do a global reset and restore from a whole backup. I have not seen the issue again but I have not tried to copy and paste since then either.
  14. That is true but when I restored my setlists to try to get rid of patch errors the floor's screen went blank and I had to restart it. It went through and rebuilt the patches and i thought it was all ok. then if I copied a patch from one location to another the corruptions appeared again. If it was just a communication error then re-connecting HX Edit to the unit would show different results. This was not what happened in my case.
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