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    Sending sound to just one output.

    There may be several ways to do this but here is one. There are two paths in the Helix Floor (if that is what you have). Set Path 1 (top) to the input for you acoustic guitar and then add the blocks you want on that top path. Now, at the end of the path set the output to your desired output. You may also have to set the output pan to have it %100 to the right or left if you are using the same output type for both your acoustic and electric. Now do the same thing on Path 2 for your electric guitar but pan its output to the opposite side.
  2. reginaldStjohn

    IR locations

    The IR used in the patch just selects an IR location to use. So if you download a preset and it uses an IR in slot 10 then you need to put the same, or similar, IR in slot 10. The other option is put it in whatever slot you want and then go to the IR block in the preset and change it to point to the IR slot you put it in.
  3. I am getting the same thing occasionally after this update. I would not call it "entirely normal" because it didn't happen before this update. Maybe it is a consequence of the new "core" or whatever but it definitely didn't happen previous to me installing 2.8 and now I do get it.
  4. reginaldStjohn

    Problem with "Reverse delay"

    Maybe I am miss-understanding but what you said is what I was trying to say. %100 is only wet and has no dry signal in it. Phil_m succinctly put it in the above post.
  5. reginaldStjohn

    Problem with "Reverse delay"

    I don't think that is the way the mix parameter is supposed to work. At least for most of the effects a %50 mix would be an equal balance of dry signal to wet. %100 should be only wet.
  6. reginaldStjohn

    2.8 update stuck in 'boot failure, entered update mode'

    I had to do the same thing even after following the install instructions to the "T". Thankfully the HX Edit re-install must have help reload the drivers or something.
  7. reginaldStjohn

    Helix LT failed while updating 2.8

    I will just echo my experience that I followed the upgrade steps (for my Helix floor) and when the "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" showed I clicked on the OK that appeared but the upgrade process would not continue. I waited for at least 30 minutes. After trying all the USB ports and looking on the forums for help, the Solution for me was to re-install Helix Edit 2.8. I don't know why but after doing that then the updater was able to complete the update.
  8. reginaldStjohn

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Mine got stuck in the Update Mode as has been mentioned in this and other threads. Line6 updater would not see the helix when it was plugged in. I tried all the USB ports. From some advice in this thread I re-installed HX Edit 2.8. Restarted the updater and this time it saw it and finished the update. I don't think it had anything to do with the USB ports. I think it had to do with the driver getting re-installed.
  9. reginaldStjohn

    Help with noise (RFI?)

    Are you using the USB connection to a computer? If you are this can create another ground path. If you are using a USB connection un-plug it and see if the noise changes.
  10. reginaldStjohn

    Helix latency versus a tube amp

  11. reginaldStjohn

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    Good to see you here Craig. I also follow you at the Cakewalk and Presonus forums
  12. reginaldStjohn

    HX Effects 4CM no effect change on some of my presets

    Just some thoughts. Make sure the FX Loop is enabled. Try a different FX loop (if the HX Effects has another one?). Go from the FX Send into your pedals and then straight into the amp. If this works then the send is working. Plug the pedals into the FX loop return and see if the sound works. If it doesn't then it might be the return. check that the FX loop mix parameter is set to %100.
  13. reginaldStjohn

    Pre-amps - any tips?

    The pre-amp models are exactly what the name says, they are pre (before) the amp (power amp). Originally and even today with mic level signals they are meant to amplify the low level instrument input to a level that the power amp can use to amplify the signal. They were originally meant to be clean and just amplify the low level instrument or microphone signal. Some people found that if they "over drove" them that they could have a desired coloration (or distortion) of the sound. For guitarists this meant the pre-amp became a part of the character of the whole amplifier by including EQ controls (also known as tone stacks) as well as intentionally distorting the input signal. Many of today's drive or distortion pedals are really emulating or inventing their own specific guitar pre-amp. Personal I use them when I go into the return of my guitar amp's effects loop. This lets me have the pre-amp color or sound of many amps I don't own but still have the amp in the room sound from my amp's power sections and speaker.
  14. reginaldStjohn

    4 path routing - this photo confuses me

    Looks to me like the one input (1A) is set to guitar input and then runs through an EQ and then some other blocks, at the end of the path 1A it is routed down to path 2A and then to an output. Path 1B is set to be from the xlr input, run through some effects and then directly to an output at the end of path 1B.
  15. reginaldStjohn

    Easy way to revert back or undo preset changes(?)

    If you load another preset and then go back to the one you were editing your changes should be gone.
  16. reginaldStjohn

    EXP 1 <=> EXP 2

    All the instructions are really saying is assign both wah and volume blocks to the same footswitch. Make sure that EXP1 is controlling them the way desired. Using Edit or the Helix itself make sure that one effect is on and one off. Now save. When you step on the footswitch one will turn on and the other off. The EXP1 is controlling both of them all the time it just makes one of the effects bypass while turning the other on. The problem with this is that if it turns off the volume block then it will change your volume. what you really want to do is switch to EXP2 with a footswitch which I am not sure you can do.
  17. reginaldStjohn

    Question regarding DSP usage

    I agree it seems counter-intuitive.
  18. reginaldStjohn

    Parallel routing, like in Boss GT-1000

    Ok, so I think what you are trying to say is that you want to be able to use all the slots in each path but have different split and return points for each of the other path's slots. So for example, you split path 1A after say a noise gate and add two overdrives in parallel. Then you join them up again. That uses one slot in path 1B. Then after your amp you add a split and use a chorus in parallel with the cab block. Then join them up again. That uses a second slot in path 1B. Add it as a feature request. This sound possible but would require extra resources to do the multiple splits and mixing back together at each stage.
  19. reginaldStjohn

    fx phase problem

    I would think that the mix should be set to 100%. Your looper should send your signal through the looper and back to the return (loop 2?) of the Helix. If you set it to 50% then half the signal goes to your loop (-3dB Power, -6dB Voltage) and half will bypass your looper. If the looper has any significant delay (>1ms or so) you will hear a phasing sound as the half that didn't get sent to the looper mixes with the other half that was sent to the looper and then passed through back to the Helix.
  20. reginaldStjohn

    Parallel routing, like in Boss GT-1000

    In Helix each path can have a parallel path. So in reality you can have 4 paths in Helix in parallel. If you only want two paths in parallel then just use one path and you can still have the bottom path for something else. Or am I missunderstanding what you want?
  21. reginaldStjohn

    What frequency is the warm tone

    Goo Good advice.
  22. reginaldStjohn

    Ernie Ball

    FYIF: 250K is a smaller load, less current required, to produce a given voltage for a source like passive pickups. Active pickups have active, battery powered, devices in them which allows them to drive larger loads (smaller resistance, more current) at the same voltage.
  23. reginaldStjohn

    Im thinking of buying the hx

    Yes, in the Helix world these would be called snapshots. Look at the manual and you will get a feel for them. You could also search for you tube videos of helix snapshots.
  24. reginaldStjohn

    Helix Application is available for download

    Its called "HX Edit" and can be found in the downloads section of the website. https://line6.com/software/index.html
  25. reginaldStjohn

    New IR's Posted - Heavy 412 Set

    Thanks, looking forward to trying them