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  1. I run my Helix through a mixing board similar to yours, Presonus Studio Live, and I don't notice it sounding flat. You could try to plug in headphones to the helix directly and then plug them into your board and compare. Also, with these fancy mixing boards you could have a compressor, reverb etc. enabled. Just some thoughts
  2. If you want an amp(s) at the end of the chain then you would need to have two amps or two cabs since they are mono. You could put one amp on path 1A and another on 1B and then pan them right and left respectively at the merge point. Another option is to have one of them in Path 1 and the other in Path 2 and then pan the output of the paths right and left.
  3. Not that I am aware of
  4. I run several overdrive pedals in the Helix's effect loop just like you. I even have a SoulFood. They sound just fine in my effects loop. Have you tried a different loop to see if they all sound the same?
  5. This doesn't sound like a line6 problem but a problem with the pedal if it goes silent when turned on. Is it plugged in or have a fresh battery in it?
  6. I have a tripple-wreck pedal and they have a lot of gain so they can definitely make any noise more evident. Is the noise still present when you have the wampler bypassed? The noise gate should help but you will need to adjust the threshold until the noise goes away.
  7. Please see the Model Gallery document for how each model works and what the knobs do. (Link is below) http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c087052430f5d6523b/application/pdf/POD%20HD%20Series%20Model%20Gallery%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20E%20).pdf I don't have specific setting you just have to try it and see how adjusting the knobs affects the sound. Do you know what you want to accomplish with the compressor?
  8. I like the tube compressor placed pre-effects loop. As far as the level increase that the analog chorus gives you could put a volume pedal after it or reduce the FX loop return level. I have also hear of people that use one of the EQs (Studio?) set flat to boost so it may be able to attenuate as well.
  9. For the 4CM the routing should be something like. Guitar -> Input of POD HD POD HD EFX loop out -> Input of Engl Preamp (you have to put the EFX loop block in your preset for this to work) Engl Preamp Output -> POD HD EFX loop return (it is stereo so just use the left input) POD HD Output -> Power amp input. (for your Randall it would probably be marked as RETURN) To test problems make sure that your signal can get all the way through the system. So for example. plug the output of your pre-amp into the return of the Randall power amp return to see you get signal with the guitar plugged directly into the Engl. Then take one more step, like plugging in to the POD and having the output go into the Engl to just to make sure the POD is passing a signal. Good luck
  10. In edit or on the unit itself turn the fuzz face on and the screamer off. now assign the desired pedal to both of them. now when you step on the footswitch the one that is on will turn off and the one that is off will turn on. I haven't done this on the device itself for a while but in Line6 Edit program you just select the desired effect and then the footswitch you want to control it with. If you assign the same switch to more than one effect it says "multi" in the edit field indicating that more than one effect is assigned to the same pedal
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