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Found 4 results

  1. I am really thinking hard about buying a POD Go. I have an amp with an effects loop and I really want the POD Go for all of the amp options. I also have a Spider V60 MKii that I love as well. I have been trying to look this up but cannot find an answer......am I able to use the cabinet options from the POD Go through the Spider V as it has the FR speakers installed? I did see somewhere I believe that you could even plug into the Spider headphone jack or aux in to utilize the POD Go cabinet options? I am not sure if this is true but would love to know if that is an actual option. I will use the POD Go regardless for the amp sounds on my Katana but would LOVE to use it in this fashion through the Spider as well.....
  2. I have looked online and cannot find a lot of info - has anyone had any experience as far as upgrading the stock speaker in the spider v60? It is a 10in I believe and is a Celestion. I am very happy with the modeling portion but I am thinking an upgrade of sorts on the speaker would really help the amp. However, being that this amp has the tweeter and full range speaker, is it even something that would be easy to do? Is there a different process that needs to be followed given the way these amps are set up? I do not plan on doing this at the moment but know that on any other "normal" amp that replacing the stock speaker(s) can have a great effect on tone. I am still new to the amp (2 months now) and have crafted some nice tones (tones that sound good to me anyway; I play hard rock/ metal) I have also downloaded some nice patches from the cloud. I am sure it is operator error, but it seems that it is hard to get a bigger sound out of some the patches even with the remote app (running a Schecter C1 platinum with EMG 81/85; use the G10 wireless most of the time) Some of this may have to do with classic mode vs. full range as well (along with the cab sim, mike placement, etc) Is this even a good idea to do a speaker swap on this particular amp? Anyone responses with experience on this would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello everybody, I use a translation program to write this post. Short version: New amplifier, connected to power and turned on, all "LEDs" are off, the LCD display is also off, but the speaker works and I hear what I play, the controls have no "function" either, Line 6 update program shows firmware 0.00, no update possible. Long version: I recently purchased a new Line 6 Spider V60 MKII amplifier. I unpacked the device, connected it to the power, plugged in my guitar and turned on the amplifier. I wondered why no LEDs were lit and the LCD display didn't show anything but the speaker was working and I could hear what I was playing on the guitar. I have read many forum posts but nothing helped and nobody has the same problem as me. I have installed the Line 6 Updater software and the latest Line 6 drivers (v1.91). I connected the amplifier to my Windows 10 PC, moved the controller on the back of the amplifier to "MAC/PC/Android" and started the Line 6 software. Windows 10 notification appears "Spider V 60 is configured". A few seconds later the notification "Spider V60 ready configured" appears. A few more seconds later, I could select my amplifier in the Line 6 software. It has the firmware version 0.00 (Why 0.00???? I don't know) When I try to update the firmware version, it does not work. My steps for the update; 1. selecting my amplifier 2. Select Update version 2.00.0 3. accept the release notes by clicking on "Continue 4. accept the Software License Agreement by clicking on "Accept" Then the program automatically downloads the firmware (status "Downloading firmware update image"). A few seconds later the status "Installing firmware update" appears. At this moment I hear a little "crack" from the speaker. In the Line 6 software it says "Spider V60 disconnected" but the status "Installing Firmware update" is still displayed. It takes a few seconds, then the amplifier is shown as "connected" again and the program shows the message Firmware Update Failed An error has occurred. Please try again. Please follow these steps when updating your Line 6 Product. 1. Turn the power switch off, then back on. 2. Ensure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a hub or peripheral such as a keyboard or mouse. 3. Click 'Continue' and attempt the update again. It doesn't matter which version I choose, its the same procedure. I also tried to use the Local Update version. No success. I wonder why the sound of my guitar is played over the speakers but nothing else is displayed on the device as if it wasn't turned on. Thanks for your attention, I tried to mention as much information as possible, so the post is so long - sorry! Alfred
  4. Hello, I recently bought a Gibson Les Paul and Line 6 V60 amp from guitar center. I'm having trouble with editing the options in the amp to match the tone of some of the songs that I want to learn and cover. Is there a place where I can learn about what each effect, settings ,etc does. I tried doing Since I've Been Loving You, Archilles Last Stand, Sweet Child of Mine, and Jimmy Hendrix songs but I have a hard time figuring out what I need to do. I know experience plays a big role but I really have no one that I can turn to for help/advice to help me get started. Did I mess up on my gear selection? I've literally spent hours researching online what a particular artist uses for a particular song and then try to find the right settings on my amp using the spider app but I always get stuck. Any suggestions would like tutorials, or at least gear recommendations would help. I can't go out and buy things right away but what are some essential things that I can add in the future that will help with my guitar experience? Thanks!
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