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Using Dual Amps - POD HD500X

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Hi There,


I'm trying to find some information that I downloaded quite a while back that I can't seem to find now. Is anyone familiar with the "POD HD For Dummies" document that was available? This is not Meambobbo's epic and detailed info on the POD HD but a very shortened version for older technically challenged folks. I don't know who created it but I'm trying to use dual amp configurations and am having trouble trying to use the two methods described for controlling each amp. One method assigns a footswitch as a toggle switch (same footswitch) that turns one amp on and the other off when toggled, the other method is a morphing technique using the expression pedal to go from one amp to the other. I can't seem to get either of these methods to work for me as I don't get any volume when I go from one amp to the other. Has anyone used these methods and if so, could you help me out? I thought I was setting everything up as described but I must be going wrong somewhere.



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