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YouTube converter to WAV 16 Bits-44100-Mono


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Where can I find a YouTube converter or a simple MP3 converter, to WAV 16 Bits 44100 Mono, official format to play in Spider Jam and JM4 Looper?

It seems that iTunes has stopped to provide that and I very desperated, because I´ll must to prepare a new repertoire sooner.

From now on I am very thankfull for your help.

Please, help me!



Carlos Bluesman

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WAV 16 Bits-44100-Mono is a very rare format for music. There a few converters that can download in that format. I think  can do this. I use this converter for almost everything I want to download from youtube and I have never had problems with it. The thing I like the most about it is that it has a lot of formats for videos and music and I don't have to pay money for high-quality videos or music. Usually, converters online use monthly membership for downloading high-quality songs and videos and without this membership, all you can download is 360p videos.

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YouTube includes clips, video podcasts, live broadcasts, video clips, and even movies. Therefore, the desire to download from YouTube is completely logical, but contrary to the mac ecosystem, because the habit of paying for content in the USA has been developed and tempered for years, both by the Internet environment and at the legislative level. But as long as there is a demand, there will always be a supply.
Looking through the pages of the App Store, you are unlikely to find a program for downloading from YouTube. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for mac owners to find a suitable program, and sometimes they want to download videos, so a website came to my aid that helped get rid of this problem)

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