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Can HD500X Controller Pedal Control Multiple Parameters at Once?


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This works in the workbench software but not when it's unplugged from USB.


I am trying to set up a patch with two amplifiers that fade out of Amp One and fades into Amp 2.  So when the pedal is in max position on the toe, Amp 1 is at full volume amp two is minimum (off).  When at heel position it is the opposite with amp one at 0 volume and amp two at max volume.  To try this,  I set the controller pedal to control the channel volume on amp 1 with a minimum set to 0 and maximum to my desired level (75).  Then for channel volume on amp two, I set this in reverse with the minimum at 75 and maximum at zero.


It works in the workbench, but when I disconnect it after saving and sending the patch to the POD, it works once, then seems that the negative settings are ignored and all I can do is fade out amp one, amp two is always coming through.


Is this possible to accomplish?

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Good tip!  That did the trick and I ended up assigning the controller to both amp volumes and drive parameters so I have a pretty smooth fade from clean to crunch.  Not perfect but pretty good.  I am adding a compressor post mixer to help smooth out the volume change.


Yes, I meant the HD500X Editor.



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