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Live vs studio difference

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I get very different sound when I use the same gear and settings on stage than when I setup in my basement.  I need a full/fat distortion sound and the DR is failing me there.  (It's probably me not utilizing some setting correctly).  The clean tones are OK.


Dream Rig live setup:

JTV69 guitar using Les Paul bridge model

X2 wireless (using 1/4 out on JTV)

Pod HD500X using Uber Wet tone that came with the Pod

L6 link to 

DT25 combo amp at 1/4 volume



When I use the exact same setup in the home studio, it sounds great, although a bit trebly/sparkly.  When I use it live on stage in my classic rock band playing Judas Priest and Scorpions, it sounds buzzy and hissy and VERY "sparkly".  What kind of tweaks can I try to fatten it up and make it less irritating sounding?

I searched and found general answers like "search youtube" or "search line6.com/customtone" but I'm asking for specific links or a specific tone or even a simple tone building list somebody made.  I'm asking if you ran into this problem and how you fixed it.


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When you setup in your space are you playing with a full band? A tone that works alone doesn't always work in a band situation. It's hard to tweak any rig while rehearsing I know but about the only way to dial in any rig. A EQ, I recommend the trying studio EQ on the POD, is a outstanding tool for this. Set it up post amp on the POD. Put the frequency gain at the max, then move the which frequency around until you hear the offending tone. Then lower the gain on it to bury it. If you find some frequencies that make the rig sound better you might want to push those up a bit just not all the way. Setting the gain all the way up on the given EQ band is just to a tool to find the frequency. You can also try playing the rig in your practice space against a recording of your band, or just any full track to help get base line in place.


If it's too sparkly try turning down the "Presence" on the amp model. Over the L6 link you can do that on the POD or the amp, just have to remember to save it before you change patches.  Buzz is hard one and EQ is about the only way I've found to try to eliminate it. Also based on the style of music you mentioned, try more mids  in your tone will glide over bass guitars and kicks. The amount you need might sound bad when playing all alone but work well in a full band setting.  Also if you not miking the DT25 to your PA you might try that. Those groups played 4x12 and/or full stacks. Getting a big sound out of single 12 on the DT25 might be kind of though. The POD emulations do a pretty good job IMO of getting a somewhat 4x12 sound but that 1x12 is just not going to put out the wall of sound like a 4x12 is. If you have good enough PA mic'ing the DT25 works pretty well since it then puts that same tone over the PA speakers, of course you will need to lower the volume to DT so it doesn't blow out the room. 


One other. My fav patch for hard rock type of tone. Use the Marshall Plexi amp model, which on the POD really doesn't have much gain to it. Put a overdrive/Dist effect (I like the OD but pick which ever you think works best) before the amp model. Put the OD output to 10 and set it's drive to taste, usually drive will be pretty low same for drive on the amp model as well. Use the T75 4x12 cab, test different mics models. The T75 is brighter and doesn't' break up quite a much as the V30 or 25 models but it sounds bigger to me.  On my normal full tube amp I perfer V30s but on the POD/DT I like the T75 better. 


I know none of this is really exactly what you are looking for but maybe gives you areas to think about.

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