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  1. 1) is there a place on this web site to submit feedback to Line6? 2) I think it would very useful to be able to attach a tone sample to user submitted tones on the customtone web site at Frequently I connect my HD500X to Line6 edit, jump on the site, download a tone and listen to it only to find out it is not what I'm looking for. If, in the results list of a search, there is a link to an mp3 of a user created tone, I could listen to it immediately, without leaving the page. This would get me the results I came for in the first place much faster! I bet other users like me would use this site more, submitting and downloading more tones, if this feature existed. (for example, in this forum post, I'm able to attach a file. Add this function to the "tone entry form".
  2. I d/l all the customtone "boston" patches. None of them are close. If you search youtube for players trying to imitate The Sound, there are a few. One of them, Tony Fuentes, got very close. He describes his setup but I can't understand everything he says so I didn't get the name of it. But he goes through each effect and the settings on each. I think the vital piece, after distortion, is the wacky eq's. I think he said crank the low mid 500 hz and crank the high mid 500 hz, which obviously doesn't make sense. Another vid says they (Tom and Brad) would open a wah wah pedal toe down and leave it there. His/their tone sounds like a toy to me, but reeeeeally good with all the other instruments together. There's another guy on youtube that basically plays a vast assortment of choice guitars through his 500x, and tries to sell you his patches through his youtube vids. Honestly every patch doesn't sound that much different from the others but he plays an ac/dc song on his ac/dc patch on his ac/dc guitar, then a steve vai song on his vai patch on his Ibanez steve vai model, you get the picture. This guy did OK on his Helix: Anyways there is not a decent patch out there for 500x Boston tone. I'm going to start from scratch on my 500x, I'll post it to customtone if I get close.
  3. I get very different sound when I use the same gear and settings on stage than when I setup in my basement. I need a full/fat distortion sound and the DR is failing me there. (It's probably me not utilizing some setting correctly). The clean tones are OK. Dream Rig live setup: JTV69 guitar using Les Paul bridge model X2 wireless (using 1/4 out on JTV) Pod HD500X using Uber Wet tone that came with the Pod L6 link to DT25 combo amp at 1/4 volume When I use the exact same setup in the home studio, it sounds great, although a bit trebly/sparkly. When I use it live on stage in my classic rock band playing Judas Priest and Scorpions, it sounds buzzy and hissy and VERY "sparkly". What kind of tweaks can I try to fatten it up and make it less irritating sounding? I searched and found general answers like "search youtube" or "search" but I'm asking for specific links or a specific tone or even a simple tone building list somebody made. I'm asking if you ran into this problem and how you fixed it.
  4. In response to the O.P. axemanv90. I found the forums buried under support, but there is no forum for "web site", nothing even close. I had a very negative experience today on the site trying to get support. My JTV-69 guitar came new without two required allen wrenches. Here are notes from my experience trying to get help. 1) How to adjust the whammy bar info is not in either the printed or electronic manual (!), so I tried looking it up on my iPad on your site but 2) iPads don't work on your site (REALLY? It's almost 2015!). 3) I like simple websites and I HATE yours. No underlined links, 4) doesn't work with Chrome browser on an iPad, 5) I'd like to send pictures to describe my problem but that is not allowed, and no indication that I will be able to. 6) My OS is actually IOS 8.1 but it's not in your list. I switched to my PC using Win XP and Chrome and that at least sort of works. 7) So on page 2 of the support pages I have to type in my problem again? sheesh, why didnt you say so in the previous page! 8) I just clicked the Submit button and nothing happened. Please god, no! (note: second time it worked) Dont even get me started on what a kluge. it could be so much simpler and I would actually find what I search for.
  5. Ditto on the custom tone wish. I find it impossible to find a certain tone I'm looking for. Line6 says you can download from thousands of tones on the site, what they don't say is these are untested user tones where most of them are not what they say they are. For example, if I'm looking for a dream rig patch for AC/DC You shook me all night long, I get some kiddo's upload of everything cranked up to 11. One download actually just moaned and hummed, I had to factory reset my HD500 to get things back to normal. At least there are voting stars, thanks for that. There should be a (mp3?) preview of the tone in the search results, which would save me the time of downloading and testing on my own rig. The results show only 10 per page which eliminates the ability to use the browser find feature on the search results. It is industry standard web page design to allow a user to pick how many per page they want to see. This is amateurs at work.
  6. I am also looking for an alternative p/s for my HD500. My problem is that the sideways wall wort does not fit in my pedalboard setup. I have a perfect size suitcase to fit the HD500, a power strip, and my wireless receiver. All I do at a club gig is open the case, plug in the power strip, plug in the L6Link to my DT25 amp and I'm done. I wish Line6 would provide an option to the sideways wall wort power supply for the hd500, similar to this with a short a/c cable. This would be perfect for my situation.
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