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Firehawk App Icons for Seismik Synth and Clean Sweep (Filters/Synth/Pitch) dont match icons in Firehawk Effects Listing pdf (reversed)


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Please verify this issue/ bug so I can submit a support ticket as needed to correct.


While going thru the list of all the Effects Available for the Firehawk in the PDF file you can get online, I noticed that the icons are switched when compared to the Icons for the 2 effects on the Firehawk Remote App.


The 2 icons in question are :

1) the Seismik Synth. On the FH Remote app the icon shows a BROWN pedal with 2 knobs but on the Effects list pdf file it shows the icon of the Clean Sweep which is a blue/silver colored pedal.

2) The Clean Sweep. On the FH Remote app the icon shows a Blue/Silver colored pedal but on the Effects list pdf file it shows a Brown 2 knob pedal of the Seismik Synth.


Im not sure which is the correct / intended color of each of these pedals but the reference document and the App should match to not add any confusion.


See pg 7 of 9 of the attached PDF file left hand side column

and see attached screen capture of the Firehawk FX app (Android Version version 1.30.2)


Please verify.

See attached PDF file here:








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